Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is This Generations Crysis

For those unfamiliar with the Deus Ex franchise, it goes back to the year 2000 when highly hyped developer Ion Storm went on to develop a System Shock-inspired action game that combined gameplay elements of first-person shooters and role-playing games.

Deus Ex received immediate notoriety and was highly regarded, selling over 1 million copies worldwide. Given the game's success, the title was later ported to the PS2 and Mac OS platforms. A sequel called Deus Ex: Invisible War was released in 2003, however the second instalment was criticised for being a dumbed down version of the original. Regardless of that, over one million copies were sold again, making it difficult to deny the franchise's success, which represented one of the few big wins for Ion Storm before the studio was shut down.

After many years of waiting the third instalment of the Deus Ex series has finally arrived. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is a prequel to the original game, now developed by Eidos Montreal. Like previous titles, Human Revolution contains elements of first-person shooters and role-playing games, and to gamers' pleasure it appears the game is every bit as good as its predecessors.

In other good news, we could very well have a new game capable of fully utilising the power and features of today's high-end graphics cards. Such games have become increasingly rare and with the exception of just a select few, most of the games we have run performance tests on this year have been shameful console ports that would struggle to max out a tablet PC.

Games such as Duke Nukem Forever and Crysis 2 were massive letdowns, while the only game that has truly impressed us recently was The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and that particular title was exclusive to the PC.

So what does Deus Ex: Human Revolution have to offer hardcore gamers? The game is said to fully implement DirectX 11 as well as other cutting edge features such FXAA, MLAA, HD3D and full support for multi-monitor AMD Eyefinity technology (up to six monitors).

The DX11 support brings about tessellation, which the developer has said was mainly used to enhance character silhouettes. Other DX11 features used includes DirectCompute enhanced Depth of Field, Blurs as well as Shader and Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion.

The developer also claimed to have significantly rewritten the game engine to take advantage of multi-core processors. Eidos went on record saying that a dual-core setup can provide up to a 70% increase in performance. As usual we'll be looking at how the game performs with a range of GPUs and how it deals with dual, quad and hexa-core processors.

2560x1600 - Gaming Performance

At the extreme single display resolution of 2560x1600 Deus Ex: Human Revolution was too much to handle for a majority of single-GPU configurations. This was made evident by the Radeon HD 6970 which rendered just 49fps, while the GeForce GTX 580 managed 46fps. We still found that both were able to deliver playable performance, though there were brief moments of lag every now and then.

Enabling Crossfire or SLI significantly improved performance as we saw the GeForce GTX 590 delivering 75fps and the Radeon HD 6990 scoring 79fps. The GeForce GTX 580 SLI cards took the victory with a whopping 94fps.

CPU Scaling and Performance

Using the Windows Task Manager we can see that Deus Ex: Human Revolution heavily utilises two cores of our Phenom II X6 1100T processor while the other four are working at around 20-40 per cent capacity. Please ignore the 6 per cent CPU usage indicator as it dropped down from around 50 per cent once I hit ALT+TAB out of the game to grab that screenshot.

The Resource Monitor was used keep an eye on the average CPU usage of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and here it is reporting an average of 45.5 per cent across the six cores. This is going to cause some real issues for dual-core processors.

Overclocking your Core i7 processor is not going to help deliver more performance in Deus Ex: Human Revolution with a single GeForce GTX 580 card. With the Core i7 clocked at 2.0GHz the GTX 580 averaged 73fps. Meanwhile a 90 per cent increase in clock speed for the Core i7 allowed for just a 5 per cent increase in frame rates.

Processors that only support two-threads do not appear fit to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution as our Phenom II X2 560 delivered just 44fps. This meant that the Phenom II X2 560 is about 43 per cent slower than a similarly clocked Phenom II X4 processor.

The Athlon II processors are also pretty useless without their L3 cache as the quad-core Athlon II X4 645 averaged just 51fps. The new AMD A6-Series and A8-Series processors did quite well delivering 67fps and 71fps respectively.

The older Core i5-750 and Core i7-920 processors performed well with 72 and 73fps a piece. The Phenom II X4 980 was surprisingly fast with an average frame rate of 79fps making it only slightly slower than the Core i5-2500K and Core i7-2600K processors.

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Republished with permission.

Steven Walton is a writer at TechSpot. TechSpot is a computer technology publication serving PC enthusiasts, gamers and IT pros since 1998.


    This generations Crysis? I'm quite certain that title belongs to.... Crysis.

      Yeah, apparently game generations last about...a year and a half? It's one of those wierd time dialation things you get when you near the singularity. Great game though. The devil on my shoulder is telling me Eidos should remake the original in this style, because as good as it was, i know a half dozen people who couldn't handle it's age.

    Um... No.

    I can run Deus Ex on a two year old computer. If I tried that with Crysis on its release date? Yog-Sothoth help us all.

    Great game, it's a shame about the cutscenes however. Take all this time to make beautiful cutscenes, looking amazing in the promotional videos.
    Get in game however and the videos look like they have been given dodgy encoding so they could fit on YouTube. Don't get me started on the continuality issues between cutscene and in game lighting.
    Breaks the immersion in an otherwise worthy successor to the Dues Ex name.

      The promotional cutscenes are the same as the ingame ones

      Problem is they are 720p

      Watching them @720p fullscreen on YouTube they are just as bad

      It's why they should have optional downloads of high def cutscenes(since nit everyone is gonna take advantage if them of have a couple of gb in HD game videos.

      Biggest problem is the engine looks better and the cutscenes don't provide anything the engine can't do


        I'd like to see an update where they cutscenes are replaced with in-game rendering.

        Accepting that probably isn't possible, I'd be happy with optional downloads for higher res cut scenes so they aren't as jarring when skipping to them.

        No, the promo cutscenes are not the same as the in game cutscenes - they were created by Square-Enix. Its got nothing to do with the resolution either, its just bad encoding/compression which has lowered quality. The cutscenes in the game are low quality renders anyway, NOT the same as the promo videos at all as none of the promo scenes are in the game at all!

        Hardly , being 720p or 1080p is irrelevant when the encoding bit rate is poor.

        Perhaps anyways it just seemed the promo material was alot clearer, encoded at a higher bitrate

    Funny, my Asus G73 with a GTX460M (similiar to a desktop GTX450) runs this at about 55-60 fps at 1920x1080 with everything on full. Hardly sounds like a game that puts modern high-end hardware to the test.

    I recently upgraded and while this game will be a breeze it's good to know games are coming out that are starting to push the boundaries a little more. Let's see what battlefield 3 can do :)

    I can run this on max settings with a 2-year old laptop ( a decent one, but not fantastic). This same laptop can only run Crysis on medium. I don't think this is a new graphics benchmark by any stretch of the imagination.

    Yeah this article is completely bogus. It's not difficult to run at all. A friend of mine has a 260 and it runs fine on that.

    Also the game's graphics aren't even that amazing. The textures are low-res, the SSAO looks like rubbish and the models are low-poly.

    I watched a 360/PC/PS3 comparison, couldn't notice one lick of difference tbh.

    Funnily enough, most reviews by PC centric sites/publications say that the graphics quality doesn't live up to expectations, and is sub par when compared with releases such as The Witcher 2 and BF3.

    rewritten what parts of the engine for multi-core? Doesn't it use UE3? Last I heard that natively supported up to eight cores in the first place! (which is why even newer UE3 games run brilliantly on my old Q6600 and 8800GT setup - they play nice with the extra CPU cores, I just need to tone down things like AA because of the GPU bottleneck... and console development means I never have to worry about memory issues with textures)

    I don't think Deus Ex is this generation's Crysis. I just think Deus Ex is this generation's Deus Ex.

      The game uses an engine developed by Crystal Dynamics.

      I'd probably be able to agree with this article if I could actually run the game in DX11 without it crashing every few minutes.

      I wish Eidos had used UE3 then it could've actually looked like a proper DX11 title

    Um, yeah don't know what game this guy is playing, but Deus Ex HR on my Core 2 duo, HD5870 pc is running smoothly on full settings, and yet still looks digusting.

    Just another bad console port in terms of graphics.

    Who cares if the game runs DX11 and all of those graphical bells and whistles, when the texture resolution of most things in the game is so low? What a bizarre article.

    This game has nothing in common with Crysis. It's a mix of elements of; MGS4 stealth and feel, Mass Effect 2 conversation choice system, Resident Evil 4 weapon system, Blade Runner environment look. Not impressed with graphics on the PS3, really.

    Uh no. This is a console port with some tacked-on DX11 features, it is not a PC game that was designed from the beginning to take advantage of the extra power. Just one look at the games inconsistent low poly characters and low res textures makes it very obvious that the art content was limited by the ps3 and xbox 360.

    Pr0 tip, dont upgrade your Nvidia drivers to the latest version for a GTX580 - its what causes the intermittant lag your tests showed. I rolled mine back and didnt have the issue

    Pretty game, it is fun and I'm enjoying it despite the worst features. Load times have improved somewhat since the patch at least, but the AI is still absaloutely stupid. Like, I'm pretty sure some of those guys are blind, deaf, and dumb.

      They're all cloned supersoldiers...well they were supposed to be. It seems that the DNA sample that was constructed from history's greatest warriors that was meant to be used got mixed up with Helen Keller's.

    Yea, this game looks like it was released before Crysis. The reason it runs poorly on PC is because it has been poorly optimised for the platform. After patches it plays better, but still looks pants.

    I think Crysis 2 with the DX11 patch looks much better than this. The HDR tonemapping is the best in any game I've ever seen.

    Yeah, I'm also not sure what this article is on about, the graphics are really nothing to write home about. It's a fun game but I'm a little disappointed. With such a rich, colorful and full gener to draw from, the city is lifeless, repetitive ( if noticed quite a few times that complete area assets are reused, not just a barrel or dumpster or car). The ai is also really a let down, minimal challenge on "Gibe me Deus ex" setting. I'm really trying to give this game a chance, I love the themes and story that are presented but it could have been better executed I think.

    Yeah, I'm also not sure what this article is on about, the graphics are really nothing to write home about. It's a fun game but I'm a little disappointed. With such a rich, colorful and full gener to draw from, the city is lifeless, repetitive ( i've noticed quite a few times that complete area assets are reused, not just a barrel or dumpster or car). The ai is also really a let down, minimal challenge on "Give me Deus ex" setting. I'm really trying to give this game a chance, I love the themes and story that are presented but it could have been better executed I think. 

    Sorry for the typos in my last post. Stupid iPhone auto correct!

    Get over yourselves. The graphics serve the game well. They may not be the best but they are fine and the game is awesome regardless. Remember the first game looked like poos when it was released compaired to other games of the time but that didn't subract from it being one of the greatest games of all time. Douche bags.

      Calm down fanboy.

      Notice the article is claiming DXHR to be "this generations Crysis" even someone like yourself can see that for the bogus remark that it is. Crysis was ground-breaking in terms of how it pushed high-end systems to their limits and in it's immensely awesome graphics. DXHR lacks both of those qualities.

        yes well we can all see this article is shit, but all my points stand. You are in every freaking Deus Ex article complaining about the graphics, go outside and get yourself a punch in the throat.

          "go outside and get yourself a punch in the throat."

          Stay classy, coolguy!

    I was playing this with the highest settings and it looked pretty stock standard to me.

    i'm running DXHR on my last season model macbook pro with bootcamp win7, it's running pretty good - at res 1440x900 around medium settings. so happy with that :)

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