Dev: The Witcher 2 Will Be The Most Complex RPG Ever Released On Console

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings won't be a port when it comes to the Xbox 360, the developers tell me, it will be "an adaptation".

"We wanted to bring The Witcher experience to the Xbox entirely," one developer said in a darkened room as another played through a chunk of the game. "It will have an engrossing mature storyline with emotionally draining choices, a high level of graphic fidelity."

It will be, he said, the most complex and unique role-playing game ever released on consoles.

Here's a look at that promise in action, though they did warn us that what we saw and you see now is a very early build.


    "The Witcher 2 Will Be The Most Complex RPG Ever Released On Console."

    That's like a grown man walking into a 1st grade classroom and saying that he'll be the smartest person in the room. They're not exactly up against much competition to claim that title.

    Oblivion... Skyrim... now shut the fuck up Chazz

      umad bro?

      Oblivion sucks hard without community mods and since the console version can't use those the disc might as well be a frisbee.

      Skyrim would be the teacher in my classroom scenario. Possibly smarter than the man walking into the room but still not much competition out of the whole lot.

        Mass effect.

          Although a fun game that I've enjoyed many playthroughs of I wouldn't call Mass Effect "complex" by any stretch.

        Your flawed analogy is falling apart before your eyes.

        There's no difference between a 'teacher' and a 'student.' People will buy the game they want to play regardless of platform.

          How so?

          Guy (Witcher 2) walks into 1st grade class (ME, Oblivion, the simple RPG's) with teacher (Skyrim, possibly a complex RPG) present.

          Out of all the RPG's Skyrim is the only one that might be more complex than Witcher 2. Therefore not much in the way of competition. So my analogy holds true.

    Who gives a shit if they're not releasing the first Witcher, too? Pass.

    Witcher 2 was the first PC exclusive to ever feel like a crappy console port. Congrats CD Projekt on such an amazing achievement.

    Building on that, Witcher 2's combat lacked the depth of Divinity 2- a far superior action rpg when it came to combat, character building lacked the diversity of Dragon Age Origins and Choice+Consequences lacked the branching storyline that Alpha Protocol or FalloutNV had. The only thing Witcher 2 had going for it was the amazing graphics.

    Nope, Witcher 2 will hardly be the most complext rpg on consoles.

    any news on PS3 version?

    I remember it being on the cards originally, has it been dropped?

    Has MS paid for an exclusivity period again?

    Hahah it looks so bad compared to my PC version.

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