Heavy Rain Is Now Safer For The Children (Well, Teenagers)

Over a year since it was first released, a revised edition of Heavy Rain is being cobbled together in Europe that reduces some of the game's content in order to get it a less adult rating.

Heavy Rain came out in February 2010, and at the time its European rating was PEGI 18 (adults only), which it earned due to content that included "extreme violence, violence towards defenceless people, sexual violence and strong language."

This new version, with the saucy name Heavy Rain Edition Modifiée, is only for the French market. While you'd think this would mean scenes of sexual violence were replaced by scenes of Ethan padding barefoot around a Parisian apartment, paintbrush in one hand and half-empty glass of red wine in the other, that's sadly not the case.

Instead, this new, toned down version is rated PEGI 16 (for those aged 16 and over), and includes "realistic looking violence, nudity of a sexual nature, and strong language".

Funny that neither of them mention "accidental nudity caused by bugs".

Toned down Heavy Rain for France only [Eurogamer]


    Were there problems with the game in france during its initial run? Sounds like they've made the game safer for members of the hysterical 'think of the children' brigade

    I thought the French lapped this kind of thing up - hard to imagine them as prudish.

      They'd only lap it up if it was in black and white and much, much more pretentious.

        You forgot: much more existential, beret-friendly and chain-smoking.

    How about they fix those damn accents. French kids trying to play Americans was nails-on-a-chalkboard for me.

    Just the headline Heavy Rain, draws strong emotions... press X for Jason! :(

    Such an amazing game.....

    Here's an idea. Instead of re-releasing the game for people 2 years younger than the original rating (which would have got it through their parents anyway); make that DLC you promised so we can fill in some plot holes.....

    haha :)

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