How Good Or Bad Are PS Vita Games Looking?

In recent years (and maybe longer) PlayStation has put their graphical power front and centre. The original PSP, the PS3 and the upcoming PS Vita are all graphical powerhouses compared to the competition. That fact is a large reason Sony is in the position it's in today.

But while both the PSP and PS3 have suffered due to their high price points, the upcoming PS Vita will have a reasonable $US250 price tag. If the Vita can deliver as the high-tech portable to have, the price tag shouldn't be as much of a problem as before. Today Sony released a ton of screenshots of early Vita games. So how are the games looking? Are they as beautiful as our wildest fantasies or overhyped slop? Let's take a look.

Just a warning before we start, I have not seen a PS Vita in person (I'm told it's very beautiful). Also these are games in development, not finished products. Games can look better or worse in motion than they do in screenshots. Finally, remember the earliest games on a console are usually the least impressive, so do not take this as the fullest example of what the PS Vita can do.

To the screenshots!

A great character model from Ruin. Notice the light effects the carpet.

Another nice one from Ruin. The background textures aren't as fleshed out, but they'll do.

These enemies from Resistance: Burning Skies do not look that great. The textures on the ground and walls look even worse.

Not a great looking shot, but there's enough going on to make it impressive for a handheld.

As usual in Little Big Planet, these background textures look beautiful.

Bright colours and realistic wood highlight a fantastic-looking screen.

Stylised games such as Escape Plan are usually trying to make up for lack of graphical power, so, here on the powerful Vita, everything is looking extra nice.

The cartoon-style works well here, as the bed and feathers look wonderful.

Even though Little Deviants has a cartoon style, this image is pretty disappointing. None of the foreground or background characters is particularly impressive.

The ground texture in this Little Deviants screenshot is pretty bad and is not helped by the sky or houses.

The amount of detail on the craft in this Wipeout 2048 screenshot is impressive.

There is a lot going on here, but most of the surfaces look flat. Still, that might not be a problem when speeding past them at a virtual 1600km/h.

Smart As is a puzzle/quiz game and therefore doesn't focus on graphics, but these bright colours and nicely textured blocks are still nice.


    uncharted looks amazing, and comparatively to what were seeing on the 3DS - vita looks like a great reason to return to handheld gaming post-smartphone era

    I think that second Little Deviants shot looks really nice.

    They look like they're going for that nice Nintendo Design over detail look. Yet without any overly limited polygon or texture pixel counts.

    I will probably pick a wi-fi one up, but no way am I doing it at launch.
    I will wait until there is a game that can actually wow me into playing a lot, like SSIV 3D, or RE:Mercs for the 3DS. I picked a 3DS up at launch, but I will concede that the launch titles were lacklustre, despite a few golden games like Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars and SSIV.

    Well, I'm off to play Phantasy Star Portable 2.
    Odd question, will titles you download for the PSP store be linked to your account for the NGP?

      Yes, the store will be one and the same, so any PSP, Minis, PSone games currently purchased via PSN will transfer and work on the Vita.

      I'm buying at launch just for the features which will be useful to me. Then later I can buy some games that I want :)

    It looks to me that Resistance is still early in development...still a lot of time before it comes out so I could see further optimization happening before release.

    The _Little Deviants_ screenshots goes to show that you might have horsepower, but it needs to be actually fully utilized for a proper experience.

    Uncharted will be the clencher for me to buy one at launch. If they come out and say

    PSVita Wi-Fi $349AUD
    PSVita 3G $399 AUD

    Uncharted Golden Abyss guaranteed Launch title

    Depending on the Data Plans for the 3G (I would consider a Pre Paid Data Plan for the Vita) then maybe I would go a 3G model.

    But yeah, if they come out and say "Vita released Feb 2012, Uncharted Golden Abyss will be a guaranteed Launch Day title"...then I can safely say that Sony will have my money. Give me Uncharted Day One and you will have my Money on Day One Sony

    A great character model from Ruin. Notice the light effects the carpet.

    It should be 'affects', not 'effects'.

    I might get one. The thing that interests me the most about the hardware is the OLED screen. I don't think I've read anything about a Metal Gear coming out for the Vita, so at the moment it's a no from me (on purchase of the handheld).

    maybe still left a touch to reach
    best PS2-like graphics right ?

    Escape-plan reminds me of The Neverhood, a game i absolutely adore to this day.

    is that a definite Aus price point?

    seemed a bit steep especially when the US counterparts are only $250US, so since Aus $ are higher then US atm (& been a while for a while now and at the same time i think it wont be far off in between them two $'s 'till the Vita comes out)..

    if the trend continues maybe (& im really hoping!) that it would range from $260AU to max of $310AU w/c would be a good deal imo

    but what im more curious is that whos going to handle the 3G network here in OZ?Telstra?Optus?others?hope we get a good deal rather that the US one where they got a lukewarm reception when AT&T was announced as Vita's carrier

    oh well its still going to be a day one purchase for me still no matter what!

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