Look Ma! I Got Free Nintendo Games!

Today, the 3DS' "ambassador program" kicks off—you know the program that gives early adaptors 20 free games.

Previously, Kotaku you how to get your free games with words. And now we're doing it with words and moving pictures. The future, people, the future!


    Does today mean now?

      No, today means tomorrow

      For us anyways :( Will still check tonight, just in case :)

    Only up for Japan?

    I dont see that on my AUS 3DS yet, and I'm definitely registered.

      Pretty sure its tomorrow (1st Sep) for us

    So there's confirmation that it's live. I tried checking as per the instructions. Nothing. It refuses to acknowledge mine, and I bought it on launch day and religiously checked into the eShop before and after the deadline just to make sure. Understandably, I'm more than a little bit pissed at Nintendo right now.



    not out yet for us...
    was hoping to get the new games before i headed off to work :'(

    Got a US 3DS and they were live last night. A bit of a pain to download the games when you get booted to the top menu of the store after downloading one, every single time.

    We are waiting nintendo australia...where are our free games? ;)

    4pm local time, still no sign of the games on my e-shop account. Nintendo Australia fail?

    Well I got the nintendo games but where is Metroid Fusion? That's the whole reason I did this

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have gaems.

    Also Richard its already been noted that the intitial batch was just going to be the ten free NES games, the ten free GBA games (including Metroid Fusion) will be coming at a later date that to my knowledge is not yet decided but will be before the end of the year. I guess you're just gonna have to play the original Metriod while you wait. . . like me. . .

    There's only 9 opening on mine!! The last one is posting no pic and an error code 007-2997

    Anyone else missing the Yoshi's Egg game?

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