LunchTimeWaster: Putt Putt Gone Wild

There's crazy golf, then there's crazy golf. Wonderputt is crazy golf. A game that takes an old fashioned mechanic and reinvents it through clever, seamless level design.

Putt Putt games typically work via simple, discrete levels, but Wonderputt gives you a sense of scale by putting all the levels on the screen at once, making you feel as though you're actually progressing through this giant, constantly evolving, insane Putt Putt course. You get a real feeling of progression and reward, almost as though someone has combined crazy golf with the adventure genre.

In that sense it's not really a golf game, it's more like an adventure game that uses the golf/putt putt mechanic as a means of progression.

Wonderputt really is a clever little game.

Wonderputt [Kongregate]


    Holy crap - that was amazing! Thanks mark!
    Best mini golf game ever!

    That was a great little game, loved the orca

    First round of 64494 which I'm fairly happy with, took a while to work out what i was meant to do on a couple of them

    Yay, great game ^^
    79578 points and I am happy with that.
    Almost felt like playing this stick man games again where you need to solve puzzles/manipulate the world to progress; really good fun.

    It got much better when I worked out how to turn the music off.

    Beautifully made and fun!

    That was a lot of fun, I miss the old minigolf flash games. My first try score 70592, did pretty well on some of them though others weren't so easy. The snow level was tough and Stone Henge took me a while to understand.

    74651 for me, -15. I love mini golf games, and that was one of the best

    The waterfall level is a pain in the ass... getting me through my law lecture though :)

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