Nintendo To Support Paid DLC On The 3DS

It hasn't been a great couple of weeks for Nintendo and, in particular, the 3DS. In an attempt to stem the tide of negativity Nintendo has reduced the price but, according to Andriasang, Nintendo is now looking to bring paid DLC to the 3DS and the upcoming Wii U.

Apparently a paid DLC service will be available on the 3DS before the year is out.

As you'd expect, Nintendo would like to be selective on its use - to have it help build good consumer relationships instead of simply being utilised for quick fix, short term profits.

The change of plan is no doubt, in part, a response to the massive profits Apple garner from its App Store, but according to Iwata the 3DS internet connection rate far outstrips the original DS (as you'd expect) and that has encouraged Nintendo to make better use of online services.

Iwata was insistent however that Digital would not replace regular retail.

Paid Item Downloads Coming to 3DS and Wii U [Andriasang]


    Judst don't drip feed the stuff out and do it at decent pricing.
    Otherwise, don't bother.

    Hey kotaku i have a joke who killed the fps?

    Not really worthwhile when there are no games to download dlc in

    Nintendo will have to adapt or die in the next 10 years. Face it people want cheaper products always, and Digital Distribution platforms offer cheaper experiences.

    I rather pay 99 cents for a super mario ios clone then a remake of super mario on the 3DS for 60 dollars.

    Nintendo pricing DLC fair. This is the same company charging $9 for gameboy titles in AU right? :p

    Gotta make up for those poor 3DS sales/discount somehow

    This really isnt the end of the world. Nintendo are probably just implementing it for the other publishers such as Activision and EA.

    I'll wait and see how Nintendo use it before I pass judgement. Heck they might release stuff for free like Valve or something.

    They should have waited a bit longer before releasing the 3DS, i wouldn't mind waiting for a better line up.

    They are becoming a bit desperate...even though they have a shit load of money. its kind of worrying when the CEO has to cut his own salary for the benefit of the company..

    and the DLC isn't really impressive right now.... i mean, it isn't really that hard to port a bunch of games over to 3DS... it seems to be done quite easy by a dude hacking in his basement. why does it take so long for them to release some decent stuff...

    They are just milking what they have on their right now...which makes me feel cheated as a customer... come on Nintendo.

    and i wont even begin to mention all the games NOT coming to North America for the wii....


    Overall positive. Nintendo sure needs 3DS content, on the other hand their eshop pricing is awful. $6-9 for GBC or original NES games. Even equivalent games on IOS/Android are a fraction of the price and get more frequent updates.

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