One Of England's Biggest Rock Stars Blames Games For Riots

The reason for a city's youth rioting for days are no doubt complex and many. But, hey, let's blame video games, because that's exactly what rocker Noel Gallagher is doing.

"We live in this age of violence — and I don't care what other people say: Brutal TV and brutal video games are a reason for this pointless violence as well," Gallagher told Bang Showbiz. "The people are immune to violence, they are used to it. And if they get caught they aren't punished the right way. The prisons are already full? Then build new ones!"

Meanwhile, a Malaysian student got his jaw broken when his PSP was stolen from him (the suspect has since been arrested). So...not sure how that factors in when you have an innocent gamer getting brutally attacked and has his PSP stolen. It's all a wash.

Gallagher was the former singer songwriter for UK band Oasis; he's now gone solo. This isn't the first time that Gallagher's pinned video games for crime. In 2008, he thought that video games could be behind UK knife crime.

Gallagher does like some video games! He once said that Guitar Hero was "better than two goblins trying to fuck a donkey up the arse with a laser beam."

I like Noel Gallagher better when he talks about stuff he knows and understands and less so when it sounds like he's parrotting the London Evening Standard.

Noel Gallagher wants more prisons (Bang Showbiz) [News Junkie via NME Thanks, mr_raccoon!]

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    i cant believe all this london riot and norway stuff happen right after we agree to r18... i bet they'll say they have to "re-think the issue after the recent events"

      The ACL already has said that, they didn't even wait for the riots to say it. They're invisible fairies that tell them what to do and what is wrong apparently doesn't think children shouldn't have access to call of duty.

    Who would even listen to Noel Gallagher?

    Reporting what he is spouting is giving weight to his words and making him seem far more relevant than he actually is...

    I'm glad Noel's given up on Oasis and is sticking to what he's good at.

    Giving interviews.

    Noel Gallagher also think that Radiohead are a bit pants.

    I don't think anyone takes his opinions seriously any more.

    I learnt more real life rioting skills from watching Nirvana trash their stage on DVD last night than I could hope to learn from any game I can think of.

    yeah lets blame the music! they brainwash those kids into stupid angry violent criminals.

    Yeah good idea lets not blame the people and blame something else!!!!! Can't blame your fans right!!!!!

    Ah you got to love ignorance. Pathetic... yet again

    Attention grabbing much?

    Whats wrong mister gallagher? Not famous as you used to be and now spouting rubbish to become famous again?

    This coming from a man who hit his brother over the head with a cricket bat... what a tool.

      He did? Wow, what a tool. Maybe we should blame HIM for the rioting in the streets :P

      To be fair, I'd have hit Liam over the head with a Cricket Bat until he stopped moving for good. Noel might be a wanker, but by god Liam is one of the biggest most obnoxious assholes to ever grace good music.

    Is it irony that a rock star is blaming new media for "them kids being crazy"?

    ***wayne's world time travel waveyness***

    "That darn rock music, lookit how those kids are dancing! It must be devil music"

    "One Of England’s Biggest Wankers Blames Games For Riots"

    Fixed the article title for you.


      "Noel Gallagher out of touch with reality"

    Lead singer of my second favourite band attacking my second favourite hobby... sad panda am I. Love you Noel, but wish you'd just stick to making music, instead of talking shit you know nothing about : /

      By which I mean lead guitarist

    Noel Gallagher has always been a fame craving tosser, now he feels like picking up an running with the tired old and discredited view that the media try to peddle. And for what? Failed stardom not woking out for him?

    But it is right, that watching brutal, realistic murders in games make SOME people immune to real violence etc. But not ALL people definitely. And FFS, blame parents for not controlling what games their kids play.

    The rioters themselves explained that the reason for the violence was that they were unable to get jobs. In fact they targeted shops that had refused them employment.
    It's totally the fault of video games.
    Oh and women voting.

    Rock star? Oasis have always sucked and they have always opened their mouths to get attention.

    Both Gallaghers have been total shitheads for years. Not surprised at all.

    Build new prisons? How about you stop throwing people in prison for misdemeanours. The prison system is congested as fuck now, and the % of violent offenders is dropping.

    Since he's going down this path, why not go further and shoot himself in the foot by blaming rock music too?

    I didn't read much of the article. I just saw "Cockface McDickforbrains blames videogames for the worlds issues"

    In closing, Fuck off mate. *Flips the bird* We're sick of it.

    im sure that all of these Riots were caused by Video Games:

    because the world was perfect before Video Games were invented.

    hahahaha if it was so simple that violent games caused violence, then wouldn't smiley happy games cause friendliness and the two would cancel each other out?

    "We live in this age of violence"

    As opposed to the times of the British Empire, which is known for its kind and tender treatment of other peoples around the world.

    People need to wake up and realise society now is more peaceful than it has EVER been, EVER. The only reason people are scared of crime and terrorism is because the news is so pervasive and in-your-face that any little bad thing is reported straight to your face, not hidden away by distance like it used to be.

    Noel Gallagher's complaints about violence are a huge joke given the history he and his brother Liam have with bar-room brawling.

    Mr Waffle is right. People are less violent these days than they were in the past by a significant margin. Does anyone truly think that the American Civil War was the least bit civil? The past was NOT a placid golden age.

    I don't think anyone cares about what celebrities or self proclaimed experts have to say, in that it's all just talk.
    Typically, if a debater was to say "we indicate a burnt out drug fueled rock star said we should ban violent games", then all credibility would be lost.
    They're just noise, annoying as they are.

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