Pokémon's Pokéball Explodes Across The Sky

Every summer, huge fireworks displays light up the sky across Japan. The fireworks come in an array of colours, but the pyrotechnics don't stop there.

Some fireworks change colour, some explode to form Saturn-like spheres or even Hello Kitty's face. This year, a Pokémon Pokéball was spotted at the Nagaoka fireworks display in Niigata.

Photo courtesy of Twitter user Cyclone9Joker.

There are more impressive fireworks than this — such as Doraemon's face! But, this is still incredibly cool, and it shows just how much a part of the culture Pokémon is in Japan.

@TachikomaNell via @Matt_Alt via @cyclone9joker [Twitter]

(Top photo: @cyclone9joker)


    Gotta explode-in-the-night-sky em all!

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