Pre-Order Deus Ex, Get Sweet Team Fortress 2 Gear

Make that Dues Ex themed guns and accessories, eight in all.

There's the Machina, the Diamondback, the Purity Fist, the Widowmaker, the Short Circuit, the Company Man, the Nanobalaclava and Deus Specs.

Simply pre-order Deus Ex: Human Revolution here, and get these TF2. More info and imagines in the link below.

Team Fortress 2 Manno Technology [Team Fortress]


    More TF2 items? *sigh*

      At least you can trade these items, and I've seen them go for 1.5 earbuds. You could sell that for like $30 and you'd of only payed $15 for deus ex.

      Agreed. I was more excited about the pre-load. It's now sitting on my hard drive, ready to go on 25 Nov. Bit of a tease though.

    Can I gift them to someone who actually plays TF2?

      You should be able to, if you have a premium TF2 account, from either owning it pre F2P or a microtransaction in the Mann-Co store, either way you need TF2 installed to trade them. I'll have them if you're offering :P

        Yeah, I got TF2 as part of a pack ages ago. Not my cup o' tea. I'll gift to some friends that have TF2 when it arrives.

    this has gotten out of hand, valve ruined what used to be a fantastic, fun and balanced class based shooter.

      Ruined? I'm pretty sure it still IS a fun and balanced class based shooter, nobody is forcing you to buy hats or anything on the side -_-

    Pretty sure these are all drops/craftable too, so if you don't want to spend the $$...

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