Sneaky-Stabby Assassin's Creed: Revelations Gameplay Footage

Get it while it's hot, folks. Nearly 10 minutes of what appears to be an early segment of Assassin's Creed: Revelations has found its way to the wild interwest. See Altair stab! See Ezio bomb things! Marvel at the lovely engine that just keeps staying lovely!


    I thought they'd probably change Altair's voice but it was more jarring that I thought it'd be.

      Yeah, it was pretty freaky. Perhaps they're portraying 'Young Altair' with that voice, and they'll use a better voice for an older Altair?

        Seems to be the same voice they used for Bloodlines. In-universe you can always explain it away due to the fact that Desmond is now in a different version of the animus, which has been demonstrated to have translation issues for the user - hence the more accented voice.

    #1 most anticipated game of the year... Can't wait!

    Ezio sounds like he's sick of doing this now.

    'Requiesta de pace, bastardo' looool

    Anyone else think that during the Ezio bit the in-game camera-man must of been high - the whole section was framed on some weird angle. Don't really know the point of doing that? Otherwise, looks cool.

    Am I the only one who has noticed the "grunt" enemies, like the one who threw that bomb at the carriage, seem to use Viking Age style swords...? I wonder if there is a reason for that? Are they supposed to be Norse or something? Or... just out of date?

    Not that I mind too much, more Vikingy stuff the better :D

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