Tell Us Dammit!

Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff – like who is your hero? Do you have a hero?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

When I was a kid, despite hating Manchester United, I used to love Eric Cantona - loved the way he played, his style, everything. Now? I really have no idea who I look up to in any real way. So did you guys/girls ever have a hero growing up?

For inspiration, I have embedded the video below.


    Did you ever know that you're my hero?

      You're everything I would like to be...

    Apart from my parents I don't have too many 'heroes'.
    I have people that I respect and people that inspire me, but I don't know if I'd hold them as 'Hero' status.

    The people that I respect and inspire me however would be a very long list of game devs (both indie and big studio) and amazing artists (local and worldwide).

    I realize that it's entirely possible that I've put too much thought into this answer.

    While there are many people who I admire, many people who I respect, and many people who I pay close attention to, none of these people really inspires the kind of worship and idolisation that's required for the word "Hero".

    The only people who could possibly be "Heroes" are fictional characters, who lack the imperfections of true people and where real life doesn't get in the way.

    My Video games hero is Link. That plucky guy in the green costume.

    Douglas Bader
    RAF pilot who lost his legs in an air crash in 1931. Walked without a walking stick on prosthetics (a feat for the time). Stubbornly re-entered the RAF at the outbreak of WW2 and became a fighter ace during the Battle of Britain and a Wing Commander soon after. Shot down over France and was a POW from August 1941 onwards where he made numerous escape attempts.

    Wiki him. I don't have a disability myself but just loved his sheer determination and stubborn get it done attitude growing up.

    All my heroes are fictional. In real life I don't have any heroes but there are some people I have a lot of respect for.

      Pretty much this.
      Real humans are too...human and foibly(yes, I like making up words when nothing else fits :P ) to be very heroic.

    I had a hero when I was younger but I recently looked him up on Wikipedia and he's had something like 9 kids to 8 different women and suffered crack addiction....

      Bob Dylan? I think it's more like 16 kids to 12 women.

      Seriously though, finding out someone you admired has human failings shouldn't be the end of the world.

        Shawn Kemp, actually, star player of the now nonexistant NBA team Seattle Supersonics.

        They are fairly big failings to me, but I was long past the hero thing by then.

        Hmmm yeah I think being able to correctly operate a prophylactic should be a minimum requirement of heroism!

        There are a lot of people who I admire greatly but none I would call heroes.

        Hero is a term that gets bandied about by the media too much.

        My favourite example of this was when ex-cricket champion Dean Jones was names Victorian Father of the Year in 2007 - at the time it pissed me off because its easy to be a great Dad when you have cushy hours and zero money troubles.

        I thought such awards should go to people who set a special example, not just celebrities - but I was vindicated in 2010 when it turned out he had a lovechild to another woman!

        I guess my point is - people can only be heroes for a snapshot in time, the rest of the time we're human.

        As for my hero - it begins and ends with He-Man!

    I think the word hero gets thrown around far too often these days.

    James Randi is probably right up there on my list of hero's, or people I have a great deal of respect for. He's spent almost his entire life being sued and attacked by wealthy opponents, charlatan televangelists and purported psychics like Uri Geller he's exposed as frauds time and time again, and he's never once backed down, nor has he ever lost.

    I'm pretty picky on my hero's list, to make the cut you can't have killed anyone.

    I got told a few month ago that I'm the 'hero' to a bunch of people in my dojo. Talk about humbling and awe inducing. I had no idea. I'm not being egotistical.

    Captain James Cook. Damn legend. One of the best navigators the world has seen. Left his family for years on end to go where no man had ever been in an ex-coal ship! Whenever I think something in my life is hard I think if what that man went through.

    John Wayne rocks hard too.

    I have no more heroes. well, maybe 2, but...


    Not sure who my hero is, but I'm sure a training montage is involved somewhere.

    Eric Singer the drummer for KISS

    Carl Sagan

    Wow, a lot of folks have actual people as their heroes. Makes me feels kinda stupid to say mine has been Optimus Prime...

    Of course it started when I was just a kid, a pretty shy and sensitive kid at that too. I looked up to a... truck, who was great leader and always did what was right and just, regardless of cost.

    It's funny because it still impacts what I do today. In most games with moral choices, I tend to go the side of ultra self-sacrificing good. My Commander Shepard is practically human Optimus Prime.

    But as a kid, the fact that unlike most childhood heroes in TV and what-not, Optimus freaking DIED is what cemented him in my mind.

    When that Optimus Prime toy came out here I BEGGED my parents for one. When they finally said yes, I was so excited. But we ended up having to go to half a dozen stores because they were sold out! I was so afraid of missing out, but I finally got one. I can still remember the store clerk pulling it down from the a little hiding spot on top of the shelves. Their last one. One of the best days ever.

    Real Life Hero: Nobody. Certainly there's people out there who I respect and admire, but nobody I look up to and think "I wanna be just like them!"

    Fictional Hero: Batman. Kicks arse and does the right thing despite the tragedies he has faced, doesn't rely on any wussy superpowers.

      Being a multi-billionaire is a bit like having superpowers, though :P

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