The Highlights Of PAX 2011: Mass Effect 3, League Of Legends, BioShock Infinite And More

One week after Gamescom, Kotaku was back on the road, this time in Seattle for PAX 2011, which wraps up today. The coverage does not end here. Stephen Totilo and Kirk Hamilton will have more to share in the coming week.

For now, here is a round-up of the latest from Penny Arcade Expo 2011.

Mass Effect 3

What Does Jennifer Hale Think of the Nickname "FemShep?" (and Other Things)

From Facebook beauty-contests for the character she plays to big New Yorker profiles to a hilarious case of mistaken Twitter identity, we've been talking a lot about Mass Effect 3's female lead Jennifer Hale lately. More » [Kirk Hamilton]

BioShock: Infinite

The Evolution of a BioShock Infinite Scene, in Two Minutes

Let's watch how one of the in-game scenes from BioShock Infinite was made, from storyboards to final version, shall we? Your narrator is BioShock creative director Ken Levine. More » [Stephen Totilo]

Go Ahead and Shoot Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite. Ken Levine's Way Ahead of You

"It's in the simulation."

When I spoke with Ken Levine about BioShock Infinite at E3, I was struck by his use of that phrase. The game as he describes it will be a complex concoction of different AIs, each of which exists independently and interacts in unscripted, emergent ways. More » [Kirk Hamilton]


Notch Gives us a Tour of the Ever-Expanding, Radical Minecraft 1.8 Update

The Minecraft 1.8 update was supposed to add more of a sense of adventure to one of the world's most popular computer games. It's adding more than that. More » [Stephen Totilo]

Halo 4

Halo 4's Artistic Direction is Massive, Mysterious

This morning's Halo 4 panel at PAX Prime was dispiritingly light on details. (Sample exchange: "How will the game play?" "It will play like Halo.") But the folks at 343 Industries did close out with a neat concept-art video, which I've posted above. More » [Kirk Hamilton]


The Cosplay of PAX 2011: Day Two

Round Two of our PAX 2011 Cosplay roundup turns up this Mortal Kombat kollection, one of the best groupings I've ever seen. And they beat out some very strong contenders from Minecraft, Pokemon, Fallout and much, much more. More » [Staff]

The Cosplay of PAX: Day One

League of Legends: Dominion

Dominion Will Be League of Legends Made Faster, More Accessible

Lately, Defense of the Ancients-style games have exploded in popularity. Valve is working on DotA 2, and has already held their first international tournament. More » [Kirk Hamilton]

Sights and Sounds of PAX 2011

There Really is a Lando Calrissian Society, and I Just Filmed Their Rally

First, I noticed that the people pushing past me near the Star Wars: The Old Republic booth at Penny Arcade Expo today were wearing teal capes. Then I noticed they had moustaches. This was the Lando Society, and they had a simple, ridiculous message to shout at the top of their lungs. More » [Stephen Totilo]

PAX After Hours: Behold the Screen-Fields of Freeplayvainia

During the day, PAX is a chaotic bustle of fans, enforcers, media and game reps, thousands upon thousands of people flocking through the Seattle Convention centre, bright lights offset by dark expo floors, and a constant hum of excitement, cheers, and laughter. But I like it here at night. More » [Kirk Hamilton]

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