The Voice Of GlaDOS Is Back For More Portal Work

The very talented Ellen McLain, a singer by trade but best-known to you lot for her voice-acting work in Valve games, is apparently returning this week to her most famous role: that of bitchy artificial intelligence GlaDOS from the Portal series.

A tweet from McLain's husband, John Lowrie, reads "Ellen is going in Tuesday for a new game and more Portal work".

We could read a ton into that brief sentence, but that would be both premature and highly speculative! Which when it comes to Valve games is downright pointless. Instead, we'll just warn you: that new game could be anything (she's a Valve favourite after all, working on more than just Portal), and more Portal work could be anything from DLC to a cartoon to an upcoming line of ringtones and talking bobbleheads.

Still. It's Portal something, and for most of you, that'll be good enough!

John Lowrie [Twitter]


    How on earth would they do a GLaDOS bobble head?? :P

      Suction cup on the back windscreen so that it hangs down, instead of sitting up.

    Here's hoping she's voicing the announcer for the Meet The Pyro short...

    Isn't there some DLC incoming for Portal 2? More Portal levels without GlaDOS would be like, well, GlaDOS without Ellen McLain.

      Yeah they said that there's forthcoming single player and co-op DLC. Best part is that it's going to be free on ALL platforms!

        I'd have no problem paying for more Portal 2 sweetness. For free would just make it so ridiculously more sweet!

    Here's me SERIOUSLY yet probably not HOPING DESPERATELY she's going back to record more voices for the combine overwatch.


    My heart is telling me its HL3. My head says my heart is a fool.

    Wait, Portal 2 DLC for SINGLE PLAYER?

    Comes with a scythe?

      The whole ending could just be a screwjob and be the start of an enormous test chamber. That'd be a pretty cool way to go back to business as usual

        Interesting idea, but I was cryptic for a reason. Not all have finished it.

          Hehe I just finished the single player last night (I got the game release day - I just drew it out a lot!)

          Fantastic way to end a game and on the whole the single player campaign was better (and more entertaining) than Portal 1 (which I have also completed)

    Yeah probably more Portal 2 DLC, or maybe they're getting her to voice act some of the DOTA 2 champions.

    GLADoS in Episode 3 CONFIRMED! :-P

    Watch it be just a new voice-over for a commercial or something...

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