There Are Rambo Games Coming

Reef Entertainment, publishers of games like Sniper Elite, Rogue Trooper and Shadow Grounds, have picked up the rights to release games based on the Rambo movies.

Sadly, none of them will feature certified badass Segata Sanshiro.[MCV]


  • I shudder to think of the monosyllabic dialogue options.

    I’d pay money to play The Bride in a computer game (and no, I’m not referring to some Sims-style love-in).

    • That would be pretty sweet. I’d imagine it’d be something like No More Heroes.

      OT: Not expecting much from this company, but it’d be nice to see a game where you aren’t limited to 2 guns at a time. Just like the good ol’ days.

  • These guys made Rogue Trooper and Sniper Elite.. and I haven’t even heard of Shadow Grounds but I’m willing to bet that is terrible too.

    Expect uber terrible Rambo games.

  • please dont let it be another first person shooter…

    I imagine my rambo game to be more like Metal Gear Solid 3. but more camouflaging and setting up traps, killing without alerting other enemies.

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