Today In TF2 Hat News: Three New DOTA 2 Hats

No doubt in honour of this weekend's DOTA 2 International Championship, Valve is now offering there new DOTA 2 hats in Team Fortress 2.

Available are: The begoggled Clockwerk hat, the Raidenesque (or really Storm Spiritesque) Storm Spirit Hat, and the Sniper hat, which is a lot like the goggles from Clockwerk but without the super-sweet jaw attachment.

DOTA 2 Hats for Team Fortress 2 [Natural Creeps]


    TF2 is such a slut. ;)

      This explains a lot.. I've been feeling increasingly dirty after playing TF2 later..

      Even after one round I find myself crying in the shower trying to 'get clean' again..

    The wiki says these hats will be awarded to the DoTA 2 Champs winners.

    I have a feeling these will also be for people who play in the DoTA 2 BETA

    Jesus & I thought the Deus EX ones announced yesterday were pushing it lol. More, srsly Vale D:

      You knocking my eyebrow sunglass implants?! :P

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