A Few More Max Payne 3 Facts, Straight From Rockstar's Twitter

Rockstar Games gave us our first look at Max Payne 3 in action today courtesy of a smart, typically Rockstar, well edited trailer. And they it dropped a little more info on the 2012 game in 140 character and less chunks.

Perhaps that Max Payne 3 trailer left you with more questions than answers. Or maybe you haven't really been paying attention to the third Max Payne game until today. Well Rockstar Games has a few clarifications about what Max's Brazilian adventure is and isn't.

Here's what they said, officially, via their Twitter account about today's trailer.

  • "Yes, that is the voice of James McCaffery, original voice actor from Max Payne 1 and 2…"
  • "Max Payne 3 is running on a new iteration of Rockstar's RAGE engine"
  • "Today's Max Payne 3 trailer is all in-game footage "
  • "Like GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 uses the Natural Motion character behaviour system for lifelike weight and movement"
  • "No, Max Payne 3 is not an open world game — we're staying true to Max's roots in atmosphere, story and gameplay design"
  • "Today's Max Payne 3 trailer shows a small part of Max's journey — much more info soon"

So, are we clear? Hope so.

And for what it's worth, there was one other potentially important Max Payne 3 tweet today. Matias Myllyrinne, CEO of Remedy, the developer of the first two games in the series, weighed in on the game his company is not involved in, tweeting "A big thumbs up and congrats to Rockstar on the Max Payne 3 trailer!" So consider it Myllyrinne approved!

What did you think, Kotaku readers? Interesting in Max Payne 3?


    one word comes to mind: "meh!"... i'm sorry, Rockstar makes good games, but i don't want Die Hard - The Game.

    Wow, didnt think it sounded like McCaffery; voiced didnt sound as deep (admittedly, they could have tweaked it in MP 1 + 2) or how Max talks

    I forget the name of Remedy's (awesome) writer, but I'd rather see Max Payne 3 get his approval.

    Also, where's my new Alan Wake game, Remedy?

      Sam Lake is the guy you are thinking of.

      I must admit, Lake's lack of involvement in this game has had me worried but this trailer has put some of my fears to rest.

      I think this could work. *crosses fingers*

      Considering the referances and allusions to Max Payne that were made in Alan Wake, I don't think you'll see Sam Lake coming out and endorsing this. It seems, unfortunately, that Sam Lake pretty much washed his hands of it.

      Remedy's CEO has to be polite and whatnot simply because of business politics... if Remedy ever decides they want to do something/anything with 'Max Payne' again they'll actually have to deal with Rockstar to do it.

      So yeah... Myllyrinne is really just 'not burning bridges' with this tweet.

    I'm not saying Max Payne 3 is going to be a bad game, but it's kinda unneeded.
    The story in the first two games was so tight and ended his story, there really was nothing to follow on through despite using the title.

      I agree. I loved the second game's story. It really was such a well thought out opera of a man out of his depth, making all the wrong choices with his heart instead of his head, and falling down further than he ever thought he would because of it all.

      Unless this third game invokes that same sense of high drama, this will be a fail in my book.

        Max Payne was really about a man losing his family. The first game was finding out why he lost his family and how far he was willing to go to avenge them. The second game was about grieving and accepting their deaths, getting over it and moving on with his life. Regardless of either ending you get, it ends with him dreaming about his wife and not getting sad over it anymore.

      I'd go one further and say we didn't need the second game. The first wound up the story well enough.

        The first game was more about being a revenge story, if that's all you wanted. The second game was about Max getting over the events in the first game.
        First - focus on story,
        Second - focus on character.

    Doesnt look like max
    doesnt sound like max
    doesnt have the feel of max

    so far, only the name is in continuation...

      The game is coming out over 8 years after the last game of course its going to look different.

      It's the same voice actor.

      You've only seen 1 trailer how can you not like the feel when you haven't even seen it properly let alone played it?

        It is the same voice actor, which by the way they didn't originally want but begrudgingly brought back when reaction to their *first* 'debut' stuff came out for this game...

        But yeah, the voice sounds good and all but the actual words don't sound like him.

        And when it comes to the trailer itself and whether or not one can judge the 'feel' of the game or not... I think if it had been announced that, because Nolan was taking too long with Inception, the studio was going to release a sequel to the Dark Knight but with Paul W. S. Anderson at the helm... then a trailer for it came out that had all the earmarks of an 'Anderson' movie complete with Christian Bale spinning with Katanas and Milla Jovovich showing up to save Batman from an army of Ninjas in slow motion... I think it'd be pretty safe to assume that the movie wasn't going to *really* be a true sequel to the franchise that Nolan had created.


        This game doesn't 'feel' like Max Payne. It 'feels' like a Rockstar game with Max Payne-isms tacked on to stem the hate-tide from fans, and even non-fans, that they got initially. Hence the delays and then the 'Look, we added a little more stuff! It's legitimate!' screenshots.

        Fortunately for Rockstar, there don't seem to be as many fans of Max Payne as there are of GTA so this is gonna sell wonderfully when people see it on a shelf or watch these trailers.

    I'm confused by everyone saying it doesn't sound like Max. The minute I saw the trailer I recognised James McCaffery's voice.

    No, Max Payne 3 is not an open world game — we’re staying true to Max’s roots in atmosphere, story and gameplay design

    Thank CHRIST for that! I'm am getting a little bit more sick and tired of every developer jumping on the GTA bandwagon these days

      You do know Rockstar built said GTA bandwagon right?

      Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they're not going that way with Max Payne... But they'd hardly be jumping on the GTA bandwagon if they did.

    Still a bit dissapointed to see that they went with the bald-headed wife-beater character design after all. It doesn't really feel like max payne, more like another generic gritty FPS protaganist

    Why's everyone complaining about Max not wearing his jacket in Max Payne 3? The game's set in Brazil, it gets hot there; last thing I'd want to wear there is a jacket.

    Remedy was polite and wished the Hollywood trash-pile of a movie 'good luck' too... That's not the same as an endorsement.

    After the movie was out guys from Remedy said they thought it was absurd and bewildering how the movie butchered the story and characters.

    I just love how Rockstar's complete and utter disrespect for the series, Remedy, Sam Lake, and most of all, the fans seems to have no bounds.

    Max Payne is now apparently working *for* drug manufacturers and distributors... Really Rockstar? Really?

    Maybe you should have just let the team make their own IP instead of delaying the game over and over again so they can shoehorn as much 'Payne' into it as possible. :-P *sigh*

    i'm SO excited about the possibility of some more payne, but also SO concerned that it's going to suck.

    The only bit of the trailer I didn't really like was Max saying "I ain't a cop no more". That really didn't sound like something he'd say.

    Other than that (and it's a pretty minor complaint), I'm excited. So glad they changed their mind and brought James McCaffrey back.

    Well im excited!

    This won't be a pre-order for me, but I WILL have the funds on hand if the reviews are positive. :)

    this should of been open-world, its just going to lame as the other previous games. After u finish the story there wont anything else to do, and the multiplayer will probably suck. its just gona be a waste of money.

    A little disappointed... Open World would had sound so much better! It's what RockStar is good at.

    I've seen 3 different Max Payne's in the characters/screenshots. The one we know from Max Payne 2, the same Max Payne, only with beard and finally the bald wife-beater one. Why if you can choose the way Max Payne looks in your own gameplay? Perhaps you can devide yourself if Max will shave or not. I do hope so, cos I want the Max Paybe 2 version! Not the bald one! >.< But I am so gonna buy the game and enjoy it. Even if it is much different then the first two Max Paynes, it looks like a AWESOME shooter game! :D

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