Max Payne 3's New Poster Looks Like It Has The Shakes

Next Wednesday, at noon Eastern, Rockstar plans to release their first trailer for Max Payne 3. Until then you're going to have to make do with this poster that confirms that Payne has hair and is a sweaty drunk... or maybe he just has malaria.


    Glad they improved on the character design. The previous one (bald and in a wifebeater) was just awful. This one at least looks like Max Payne

      I liked the bald, wife beater wearing Max Pain. It was realisitic of how you'd expect an excop who's been through the stuff he has to end up. Hope that haven't actually cut that version of the character entirely.

      I made the same mistake in thinking that they have changed the model to something other then a fat bald guy but i believe that the game is set in different parts of Max's life so some parts you play Max what resembles the max from the first two games and then the fat bald Max.

    This reminds me a lot of the LA Noire promotional material.

      Yeah that came to mind for me aswell, digging the new art direction though Rockstar's been producing some killer art work as of late

    Does anybody remember the V junkie's screams from Max Payne 1?
    I think each Max Payne should have at least one V junkie scream cameo appearance per game!

    Looks awful. Hey here's an idea, let's take a sweet, over the top, fast paced, shoot em up, film-noiresque game and then replace it with slow boring cover based shooting and put it in some random south american setting that has nothing to do with Noir whatsoever.

    Oh, and let's turn the main character into a fat bald guy....ugh.

      You know, cover based shooting actually worked really well in Stranglehold. That game's core mechanics were sweet, it was just the level design and story that let it down.

    Seriously, at this point, this game will have to shit cupcakes and give you a blow job when you boot it up before I'll buy it.

    I'm sure lots of GTA console kids who've never played a Max Payne game will eat it up, but the rest of us who are fans of the series are just going to have to endure the butt raping of one of our favorite franchises.


      This crap looks like GTA art with a 'Max-ish guy' shoved onto the margins.

      Tons of people will buy it because the cover looks like a GTAIV expansion, but nobody who's been a fan since the first game can seriously look at this game and think "Yes, this is a good thing."

      Seriously people, it's bad when Marky Mark's version of Max is more accurate than Rockstar's franchise exploitation of a sequel is...

      Plus, the fact that they are adding multiplayer and seemingly trying to Call-of-Duty it just makes me lose all faith that the dev team even played the first two games.

    1st game, Remedy:

    2nd game, Remedy:


    "3rd game", Rockstar:

    and now, also, what you see above this article...

    Can't wait to see more from 'The Ballad of Gay Maxie'


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