Aussie Nintendo Store: Lawn Mower Kids

For once the title of this story isn't a terrific pun on by behalf but a real game that is out on DSiWare today. In fact, it's the only 'paid' game this week along with the 10 free Ambassador NES Games that are now available to download.

DSiWare Lawn Mower Kids (Zordix, 500 Points) - From the creators of Valet Parking 1989, Lawn Mower Kids like its title suggest sees you step into the role of kid mowing lawns... in the 1950s'... I expect it to be as good as Valet Parking 1989 which if you haven't checked out is a ton of fun.

3DS Ambassador NES Games - Super Mario Bros. - The Legend of Zelda - Ice Climber - Balloon Fight - Donkey Kong Jr. - Wrecking Crew - NES Open Tournament Golf - Mario & Yoshi - Metroid - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Remember the above ten games are only available if you're a 3DS Ambassador and they're hidden away in the Your Downloads/Titles You've Downloaded tab under Settings/Other in the eShop.



    Valet Parking was a great little game, will def be picking up Lawn Mower Kids. These guys are right on with their humour in games.

    Does anyone who is already a Wii Ambassador feel slightly ripped off as a 3DS Ambassador?

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