Australia/NZ Call Of Duty: Elite Pricing Details Emerge

The newly-established MCV Pacific has managed to scrape together Australia/NZ pricing details for Activision's polarising "Elite" service for Call of Duty. There's even a deal sweetener for those who pre-order the series' next instalment.

According to MCV, The raw costs per year are 4000 MS points if you go the Xbox 360 route, or $64.99 for PlayStation 3. This low, low, low fee grants you all the Call of Duty-related social networking and media you could want.

Pre-order CoD: MW3 through EB Games and your special entry in Activision's user database will be marked with the fancy and entirely off-brand moniker of "Service Founder Status", which in real world terms equates to $25 off Elite.

Somehow, I don't think I'll be signing up. I get more than enough genteel feedback about my woefully inadequate FPS console skills without having to pay $65-odd for the privilege.

ANZ details on Call of Duty: Elite arrive [MCV Pacific — thanks Tracey!]


    Oh great, so now we can pay twice as much per year more than we usually do buying the next shitty CoD game :D

      ah yes, a pessimistic old man that is crap at FPS games. take your worthless opinion elsewhere ok told timer?

        I hope 27 isn't old. I'm actually pretty good when I have a keyboard and mouse in my hands!

          wow that reeks of virginity.

            is everything ok at home carter? does somebody need a hug?

            Why u mad bro?

            Boom goes the fanboy.

        Because age is the defining characteristic of a skilled FPSer

        Are you seriously calling someone crap at FPS, when CoD is in fact, a shit game?

        Are you like 12? Is the only FPS you ever played is CoD?

        Ah yes, School holidays started didnt they.

          They've started for most private schools. But it's the weekend, so... yeah...

      Plus, you get to pay for all of those inevitable map packs! Hooray!

        Actually, when you are subscribed to CoD: Elite, you get all of the map packs for free.

        Not saying it's worth it, just saying that's how it works

          "...for free" isn't the words I'd use.

          Which means you actually pay $65 instead of $25 for map packs now, since that's virtually the only benefit.

    I can see the calls of "Mum, can I use your credit card" ringing out across the county now..

    Meanwhile, those of us who are actually old enough to have our own credit cards will be keeping them in our wallets whilst logging on to Battlelog..

    Well played Activision, I sincerely hope this fails epically.

    "This low, low, low fee"
    Paid for advertisement, right?

    You'd have to really love cod or be in it competitively (for a year until the next one) to pay for this garbage. Personally, I'll play until I get the achievements, if it's fun (unlike the last 3 games) online then I'll stick around.. oh wait no BF3!!!!!!!!!!!

    While I was never going to pay for elite; it doesn't surprise me they couldn't resist price gouging with this too.

    4 sets of DLC for BlackOps, AUS$23 a pop= $92. Plus game purchase.

    If there is only 3 map packs for MW3, Elite subscription even at an inflated $65, puts you ahead.

    I guess the other CoD trolls are all enjoying DblXP weekend rather than Kotakuing. (I'm taking timeout for the sports feast on this evening)

      You don't mean the slaughter that was the Geelong / West Coast game? ;)

      the fact is the map packs are a rip off anyway no point getting them. like 1 map out of 20 is actually anygood

    Sweet as, I pre-ordered the game on PC at EB. I'll have to ask the people at my local EB store how I get the $25 off Elite.

    So ... let me get this straight: $1 AUS buys around 0.98 US


    Elite costs Americans $49.99 and costs Aussies $66

    I love how MS continues to charge us an extra 30% for digital content based on the exchange rate from 6 years ago when the XBOX launched.

      Actual post:"or $64.99 for PlayStation 3"

      PS3 fanboy response:"I love how MS continues to charge us an extra 30% for digital content based on the exchange rate from 6 years ago when the XBOX launched."

        Actual Post: "The raw costs per year are 4000 MS points if you go the Xbox 360 route".

        Knob jockey response: Blah blah blah i dont know that 1000 ms points cost $16.50 which means $66 for 4000 ms points which the guy was referring too.


          No. Scott said "charge us an extra 30% for digital content based on the exchange rate from 6 years ago when the XBOX launched."

          There is not a 30% mark up between $64.99 on PS3 and $66 on X360.

          Scott was just hating on 360 rather than realising it's Activision who set the price.

          +1 to blind response for Behemoth.

    Hey guys, you know how you like buying map packs containing 3 new maps and 2 old maps?

    Well now you can spend an entire games worth of money doing just that!

    "Why do for free what you can do at exorbitant prices?" - Activision

    The aggressive nature of these comments makes me remember why I don't play these FPS games. Some of you really discussed this like adults but others didn't. And it's those who didn't that always end up in my games!!!!

    Wow Console price are ridiculous in australia

    DLC are 15 buck's on PC. i don't understand how anyone can be willing to pay 23 dollars for 5 maps.(hell even 15 was a stretch) and i bet these people are the same people saying they have to buy used because they can't afford new games.

    Also love how people are assuming they will get 3 map packs

    People need to stand up and vote with their bloody wallet's, something which used to be free. And Modder's often provided better ones for free costs a third of an entire game it's ridiculous

      gone where the days when you could find amazing quality maps and mods from people online for free i miss UT, HL2 and its minions, Quake and even WC and SC for the mods, maps and content...all for free...i must be getting old :( *but i was only born in the 90s*

    Are they serious - $64.

    2 THINGS - first a disclaimer - I haven't played Call of Duty since getting Bad Company 2 - I will be buying BF3 regardless of the current dick waving between the two studios because I enjoy that style of game more

    Point 2 - I like most other gamers - get a Xbox Gold Subscription (in Australia) for only $50pa - what the hell are Activision doing charging over and above the Gold fee for their so-called "service".

    If the paid version of Elite takes off I'll be astounded.

      I feel Dice/EA are trolling Activision more than dick waving with them. Activision has penis warts anyway.

    If you really do get ~3 map packs pre-paid, than the yearly price for Elite isn't so bad. Only for die-hard COD fans though obviously.

    Definitely not for me.

    The thing that got me interested was the prized events & leagues sounds great but the cost it have to be bloody good!!!If they keep the hackin a bay not like MW2 then i might just play this game, fingers crossed.
    BF3 looks sweet gettin tat for sure

    If I'm picking up the hardened edition of CoD... don't I get a years subscription, which comes with all the dlc, anyway?

    They have become too greedy and can get stuffed. I wont be buying anymore COD games, I will rent this one for singleplayer only. The way they are taking this franchise is disgusting.

    you forgot to put an AU glad next to your name!

    I don't quite understand what it means by "Pre-order CoD: MW3 through EB Games and your special entry in Activision’s user database will be marked with the fancy and entirely off-brand moniker of “Service Founder Status”, which in real world terms equates to $25 off Elite."
    Does that mean we get $25 off if we order through EB Games?

    Seriously guys, both MW3 AND BF3 look good, cant some people like both? i played bf 1942 before any other cod game, then i played cod4, they are BOTH good games, so really, shut up, keep your opinions to yourself and dont try and tell me which one i should like.

    the only reason i ever bought any of the map packs for black ops was for the zombies, and that was because zombies is the best part of the whole series, in my opinion anyway. But unless they release some good new mission types for the co-op, ill be skipping all of the dlc anyway.

    $64 what a fu***ng rip off that means i need to get a $50 psn card and a $20 to get dlc and i get to watch cod tv wooh hoo (sarcasm). Im sticking to bf3 skyrim and saint row the third p.s. The cod series went down hill since cod 4 so R.I.P cod for me.

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