How About Two New PS3 Colours? OK, Then!

At today's pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, Sony revealed two new PS3 colors: Splash Blue and Scarlet Red.

Both are 320GB models and will go on sale November 17 in Japan for ¥29,980 ($382).


    I really like that blue, any word on if we'll get an Australian release?

    Ahh, finally, consoles to suit the controller colours we all love so much :\

    My guess is we won't get these in Aus, being that the white version is coming out soon, which was available in Japan long ago.
    If we do ever get them in Aus, it will definitely be a while away.

    First white and now blue and red. Which to choose?!!!

    PROTIP: The blue is not that bright and shiny IRL.

      Don't be ruining my dreams man D: I want it to be shiny!

    Well I'll just have to spray paint mine in an awesome metallic purple

    I dig the blue.

    Any-word of bringing back the gloss from the older models for the new models. me like the gloss.

    Oh man, blue is my favorite color..and I was thinking of getting a PS3..if only it was released here already..

    Is the blue the same as the dualshock 3 controller from last year?

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