How Adobe Is Going To Make Flash Gaming Awesomer

Flash gaming is just about to get better. Adobe is bringing full hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to both Flash and Air. It's also improving 2D graphics as well.

All this would mean that Adobe could bring console style gaming to the Flash platform and improve integration with social networking sites like Facebook.

Sounds great! In the above video, Adobe Evangelist Andrew Trice and his wrinkled, yellow shirt talk us through the features.

Besides console quality gaming on browsers and smartphones, Flash and Air will also HD video support and full HD video with Surround Sound 7.1. Adobe Flash 11 and Air 3 are slated for release this October.

Adobe's Latest Version Of Flash and Air Will Deliver Console Quality Gaming [Gizmodo]


    Awesome. Can't wait! And you'll be able to export from unity3d to a swf so no having to make a special flash version of your game in flash.

    i was surprised to see flash was used in the new driver game... not sure to what degree but saw it in the credits n thought WTF!


    3D Graphics? This is awesome for me as a developer.

    Sun Microsystems have been talking about this for years and years with Java.

    Interesting to see how it all goes once Adobe gets it out the door.

    now imagine having to action scripts that bitch!

      By the looks of it, it seems like there is a new stage called "stage 3D", which will probably have a visible z-axis.

    Flash is used for the UI in a lot of games, including starcraft II. There is a tool called Scaleform. It's fairly ubiquitous.

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