A Maryland woman said she was surprised to find what appears to be an image of Jesus Christ on the top of a used Nintendo Entertainment System she purchased on eBay for $US31 this week.

Brittany Wampler, 24, tells Kotaku she noticed the image shortly after unpacking the two NES consoles.

"We were inspecting it for cracks/damage and when we turned it just right into the light, the image showed up," she said. "Our reaction was mainly curiosity at first. Then as we looked at it closer and ruled out what it couldn't be, we began to get excited about it."

Wampler says the image doesn't seem to have any sticky residue on it, like what would be left after removing a sticker. She said that it appears to be part of the plastic.

"There's no discernable difference between the surface of the face and the surrounding plastic surface," she said. "It's not paint, it's not a sticker; it's basically infused into the plastic."

At our request Wampler sent along two pictures of the NES and its image to Kotaku and while we have no way of knowing how the image got on the console, they don't appear to be photoshops.

While Wampler dismissed the possibility that this was done as some sort of a joke (she also says she didn't create the image), she isn't exactly sure she believes it is the result of some higher power either.

"I was raised religious, but I haven't made up my mind really," she said, when asked. "I would say I believe in the possibility."

For now Wampler plans to keep the console as is because she's not sure what else to do with it.

"If it is Jesus," she said, "I think we can finally put the big question to bed... What Would Jesus Play.?"


    Jesus loves gaming;

    You see Jesus, I see Charles Manson. Tomayto, Tomahto. Let's call the whole thing off!

    I personally see the flying spaghetti monster.

    Looks more like Bob Marley to me.

    Except, Jesus wasnt white...

      Exactly....people seem to not realise that the "Jesus" we see in movies and contemporary media (as well as art from the middle ages) is definantly NOT what he looked like.

      Why would Jesus, a man born in an arabic nation, of dark skinned, short, people whom the bible actually states was "Not attractive", be an attractive, tall caucasian man?

      *Sigh* ignorance will destroy this world lol

        I dunno, man... this Jesus looks markedly off-white... I might even say gray.

    I see the default male Hawke from Dragon Age 2.

    Probably from sitting in front of a stained glass window for too long. The sun would have burned his impression onto the console after many years of the priests playing duck hunt.

    I was going to throw in a pun about how Jesus quicksaves, or Jesus only saves at checkpoints, but seeing as it's a NES, does that mean the password to the pearly gates is the Konami code?

    Its Rob Zombie winking!

    wow..the eyes have no pupils.. i for one, welcome zombie-cyber-jesus as our new overlord.

    Pareidolia. Look it up.

    Although she does seem to have a good sense of humor about it. She's not screaming that the Lord is returning and we all better repent lest we face his holy wrath!

    You see? Games are a force for good, and not evil like the media says.

    At least NES games are...

    I wonder if you still have to blow on the cartridges to make them work on the Jesus NES

      don't call it that... apple will sue

    He appears to be wearing an open neck shirt, and those weren't invented until long after he died.

      What, you didn't know He could time-travel?

    $31. damn, coulda got a hell of a lot more from the rich dumb christians in the US if only i had noticed before i sold it on ebay

    time to resell it to some gullible devout christian/catholic!

    What's with the all caps title?

    Clearly Jesus is endorsing gaming here by applying his likeness to gaming products.

    The ACL need to see this as its exactly the sort of concrete evidence they collect and use to influence policy.

    Jesus saved? I hope he held reset as he turned the power off.

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