LunchTimeWaster: Dadgame

You're a dad. You work in an office. You hate your boss. The game tells you to break things. Suddenly, ninjas appear! Now, you run down the street breaking more things, and you can jump so high you may as well be flying, and now you've acquired nunchucks! This is Dadgame.

Dadgame is a very simple and silly platformer that lets you button mash your way through your lunch break. The concept is ridiculous — you're a dad and an office worker, and for whatever reason you need to break things. You've given objectives in each level, most of which require you to break things. It may not make a whole lot of sense, but at least it's somewhat therapeutic.


    Haha, awesome game.
    And then I got up to the train boss and got owned. :(

    that game was just great :)
    Beat it in less than a lunch break time :D

      Chuloopa! Since when did you become a master??

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