Ni No Kuni Is Looking Beautiful In This New Trailer

Here's a new trailer for the upcoming Ni No Kuni for the PS3. The more I see of this game, the more I clench my fists, grind my teeth and try and will it into already being out. And in English.

While the DS version was released last year in Japan, it's the sexy PS3 edition most people are hanging out for, and that one's out in November this year. In Japan. With no word on an English translation as of yet.

Still! Given the popularity of Studio Ghibli in the West (the animation powerhouse working with developers Level-5 on the game's world and characters) and the fact Level-5 recently opened American offices, it wouldn't be crazy to hope for a 2012 released in the West.


    I don't speak any Japanese, but I grabbed a copy of the DS version when it was on sale as the book that's included is gorgeous.

    I tell myself I'll learn Japanese and play it (and a couple of other games I've imported) but I don't know when that'll happen...

      I have done the exact same thing. Just also add all the Professor Layton games into the mix as well...

    Good Lord. I want that in English, and I want it BAD.

    Hi Level-5! Are you reading this? I have money. I'd be willing to give you some of it if you release this in English. You like money, don't you? Sure you do. So it looks like we have a deal!

    Oh sweet Jeebus. That just looks like the direction Final Fantasy SHOULD have kept going... but awesomer. Waaaaaaant!

      Looks more like Dragon Quest to me. Gotta love cell shaded graphics.

      I thought the same thing. Shame final fantasy lost its way. This looks amazing since the last trailer.

    Isnt this the game thats going to cost twice as much as normal games?

    This looks just incredible, the first time in years I have seen something from Japan that seems to have been crafted with genuine passion.


    See, I'd rather a very nicely done cel-shaded graphics rather than realistic ones.

    Level-5, make an english translation and TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY

    Nice graphics... but it looks a little pokemon for me.

    It's a shame so many amazing looking games get passed up for translation. You would think that regardless of how little known a series may be outside of japan, 1 look at the quality here and you would just be able to tell this is something westerners would love to play.

    Instead we get shovelled crap and horrid games that become boring the day after you get them.


      I am currently living and working in Japan. /brag

      As beautiful as this is, the main reason I want this is because of Studio Ghibli's involvement. This way I know i'm not getting some half assed story with characters I hate.

    If they do release an english version, I hope the cut-scenes are still in Japanese with subtitles. It just wouldn't be Ghibli without it.

    while that FinalFantasy sinks again..

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