Remember This?

Can you remember the game from this part of a screenshot? I have the sneaking suspicion that this one might be a bit too easy since there are Kotaku readers who have screenshot libraries for brains, but let's see how we go!

If no one gets it by 3pm I will post up a second screenshot. And if anyone gets it within the first three minutes of this post going live I will curl into the foetal position, rock back and forth, and think of a tougher game for tomorrow.


    Theme Hospital


      "And if anyone gets it within the first three minutes of this post going live I will curl into the foetal position, rock back and forth, and think of a tougher game for tomorrow."

      I guess this is what's happening right now? Somebody else in the office please post photographic proof!

        That's one hell of a way to start things off with Mark gone.

        Two people got it in under 3 minutes. Does that mean double fetal position?

          But Tad is sick, isn't he? How will we get photographic evidence?

            Methinks we need assistance from Danny or Angus.

        lol, can imagine that Tracey hit the publish button (even though it was probably scheduled), perhaps went off to get a drink, maybe a loo break and returns to this.

      Scary impressive.

      too slow :'(

      I actually knew this one as well lol

      Haha, Im really bad with these, but the INSTANT i saw the tiles I thought the EXACT. SAME. THING.
      When you've got a hospital running smoothly there's not much to do but stare at the art assets... Especially when your PC couldnt run the game well and it ran super slow (to the point the music played each note slowly)

      Nicely done! Funnily enough I was playing TH two days ago - I still didn't pick it though, although I was thinking it looked very familiar!

    Theme Hospital?

    That was quick!

      I don't know how many hours I sunk into this game with friends but the weird thing is that I can't actually recall any details about the gameplay.

    Titanic Timmy's Totally Tubular Tiles 2?

    Gah! The one that I knew straight off the top of my head and this is what happens!

    Tracey, didn't Mark warn you about us?

    Dam you PuppyLicks your way to fast!

    Dam you PuppyLicks your way to fast!

    When I was younger and played this game, friends and I would send patients for autopsies, not understanding what it was, and would always wonder why people kept disappearing.

    at least she didnt leave the name of the game as a tag for the picture again xD

    Commence foetal position. *rocks back and forth*

      Don't worry, tomorrow just post a single, solitary pixel. Honestly I think we've all been expecting that from mark for a while now. . .

      Our work here is done.

      Welcome to Kotaku.

        Your work is done when I go into TAY and spontaneously combust. This has not happened yet!

          But you didn't pass the initiation Tracey, we can't accept you in TAY. :P

            Well I was never going to agree to anything that involved oars!

              Then you should have read the job description more carefully before accepting the position.

          Is that really a challenge you want to put forward? :p

    First time i know one that rings a bell and everyone elese is already on it :(

    Theme Hospital is all i got :(

    I also got Theme Hospital Mark!! I had to look at these tiles constantly since hiring janitors in that game was a pain and my hospitals were always filthy.

    So since we apparently all DO remember Theme Hospital and Tracey didn't spend the day mocking us for not guessing some really obscure thing, let's actually discuss the game!

    I for one never finished it without cheating. I cheated like a goddamn mofo. I think I did maybe 2 or 3 levels straight and it wasn't hard, I just found it more fun to cheat. I had grant sweeping staffrooms loaded with arcade cabinets and pool tables, while all my examination rooms were as small as could be so my hospital didn't run out of space.
    Even cheating it was sometimes tough to make sure your hospital had sufficient suitably trained and satisfied staff and adequate facilities - which I guess can represent the challenges of real hospitals.

    Conditions like 'bloaty head' aside, Theme Hospital was a wonderful sim. I tried to play it last year actually, because I miss it so much, but for some reason it didn't work - the video file format they used was just very incompatible with my modern PC and I couldn't actually get the game to load beyond the opening title screen.

    Anyone know where I can find a working version?

      Like I said before, I honestly don't remember the details of playing the game. Just hanging out with a friend doing crazy things for the lulz.

      The PSone version is available on PSN for playing on PS3/PSP if you have one. Think it runs for $8.45.

      Otherwise, other methods would need to be used for a PC version I think.

      IM sure there is versions online... I dont remember where i got my one from but i have a Disc version and LOVE IT!!!!

      It was always good fun game to play and again one of the many great games that BullFrog pulled out before there sad demise into the EA flag...

      I know is in the process of reviewing some old BullFrog classics and have recently released games such as Magic Carpet and Dungeon Keeper... I am keeping a watchful eye to see if it gets released so i can add TH to my digital archive :)

      <3 BullFrog, a company which has a high rank in my gaming life and has seen many of my gaming hours ...
      Its also (IMO) why LionHead has such a successful quality about it as well... Has a pinch of BullFrog in every game :)

      I fired my copy up a while back using DOSBox with relatively few issues.


        Why the heck didn't I think of DOSBox?


    Damn - I knew this one immediately, I sunk a crap ton of time in this game on the original Playstation.

    this is the first 'Remember This?' i actually knew, and i was 40 mins late to see the post... STUPID WORK.

    Tracey, as demonstrated from Yesterday's posting of The Thing in Remember This, sometimes it's harder for us to get a portion of a screenshot from a newer game.

    I thought it was Marks shirt....

    You sure showed us who was "boss of this gym"

    Wow. This is the first one I've ever known instantly. Theme Hospital was such an awesome game. It needs to be remade. Along with other Bullfrog games (Dungeon Keeper especially).

    Is it The Sims?

    Tartan 2... The Tartaning?

    To celebrate Marks leaving... and my coming back from holidays?

    I was gonna guess Light Crusader for the genesis

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