Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? Prior experience has shown that 'yes', most likely you will guess this correctly, and I'll be humiliated, curl up into a fetal ball and rock myself gently into a tear-stained sleep.

Let the games begin!


    Don't you open that trapdoor! Your a fool if you dare..

    3 minutes?

    Welcome back, Mark. :P


    i didn't even get a chance to say worms



      Sorry about that... was one of my favourite C64 games.

      What was even better was I won my copy of the game via an art competition in C&VG (computer and video games . A UK games magazine). I really wanted to win because the first prize was a limited edition shaped picture disk of the extended full length verso of the theme tune (see link below)

      basically I would have know that anywhere..

      Look at Tracey's track record for the past two days and feel the shame.


      lol i love the reigning champ rubbing it in.

      Also welcome back Mark.

    Haha welcome back buddy.. I think you might even have to resort to "can you guess this game by a small portion of one of it's floppy disks"

    Ddddaw I was gonna say The Pink Penis :(

    Not even 5 minutes. . .

    Tracey's got to be laughing her ass off at this. . . did she actually beat us last time?

    Loved this game to death. For some reason though I remember it bing prettier than it is in the screenshot. That's nostalgia for you.

    HAHAHAHA! Mark that has got to suck. Tracey had us guessing for ages every time and you come back and BAM, answer within 3 minutes :P

    Although I do have to say, you tend to pick games which people have actually heard of, which is good :P

    "Burk! Feed Me" may just become my new message ringtone.

      +1 - hehe love it! I'm having childhood claymation flashbacks....

      What was the skull's name again?


    Owww, nostalgia. That show used to scare me, but was awesome at the same time.

    Oh 80s/90s kids shows. You so crazy.

    Didn't know they made a game for that show, awesome.

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