Remember This? [UPDATE]

[Insert maniacal laughter]

I'll update this around 2pm if no-one gets it!


    Paradroid C64 - I know it was posted only a short while ago but I wouldn't past Mark to pull a swifty.

    Worms. For sure.


    I figure if so many people guess wrong, maybe it's just a game no-one's played :P



    Alien Hominid?

    Unirally on SNES?

    2PM and an update is nowhere in sight :P

      He did say around 2pm.

      But he's obviously not feeling too guilty otherwise he would have posted it early.

        He's just upset because yesterday's was answered in 3 minutes :3

      Maybe there is no update because someone guessed correctly. If so then Mark could be crying in the corner, throwing his dummy in the dirt

      Might be

    Okay this is a team game now, us versus Mark.
    Let's narrow this down.

    - It's old, thats a given.
    - The horrid colors suggest C64-era or even Amiga.
    - Not Atari because that black line is too fine for the Atari's fat pixels.
    - Looks like it could be a title screen, maybe the yellow is the top of a yellow letter on a purple BG

    Anyone got other thoughts to add?

      I was thinking a game with a picture up top and you typing commands at the bottom.

      Also, is that really yellow? I'd call it a sort of mustard-yellow/green.

      Anyway, a title screen makes the most sense. I'm thinking C64, but could it even be calico vision?

    Moon Patrol?

      oh lord, i used to drop some 20c coins into that sucker at the bowling alley arcade. the purple is the right colour for the vehicle but don't think the mustard/green/puke colour matches anything. was the ground that colour???

    After a very quick google image search, the only thing I can find that looks similar is Commando for ZX Spectrum. Probably not right but worth a shot. :P

    Skool Daze (Zx Spectrum),r:3,s:164

    Go me :)

    So this is a contest as to who can find the source image on google images first?

    Custer's Revenge.

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