Rumour: Dead Space 3 Trades Total Darkness For Blinding Light

If EA is making another Dead Space — and it's starting to appear that it is — it may be a radical rethink of the sci-fi horror series. Gone may be the dark corridors of space ships and far-flung planetary settlements, replaced by an icy wasteland inhabited by an all-new strain of monster.

Siliconera reports that it has first details on the fiction of Dead Space 3, claiming that the next entry takes place on the planet Tau Volantis. The planet's "white-out blizzard conditions" may trade the blackness of previous Dead Space games for pure white, a new method for keeping the beasts of Visceral Games' horror franchise well hidden from view.

Those beasts, according to Siliconera's mole, are known as "the hive mind" in Dead Space 3.

EA and Visceral are rumoured to be already hard at work on Dead Space 3, but none of this is official yet.

More rumoured details on the story, potentially spoiler-ish, at Siliconera.

Dead Space 3 Takes Place On A Frozen Planet, First Details Inside [Siliconera]


    Icy wastelands... How original.

      Aliens take over a powerless ship in space.

      Never been done before.

      Original is overrated. The main draw of Dead Space is the incredibly well-constructed atmosphere, and well-paced horror-survival adventure.

      As a genre, it tends not to be original... doesn't stop it from being creative, though.

        "the incredibly well-constructed atmosphere"

        I couldn't disagree more. It looked nice, it was nicely lit, and it sounded nice (apart from the awful dialogue) - but you need more than this to have a well-constructed atmosphere. Its actually the game mechanic that creates the atmosphere, all the above is just there to cement it. Dead Space ended up like playing Time Crisis with your screen brightness down.

      Care to share a setting of ANY game in the last few years that's been original?

        Katamari Damacy.

          It was set on earth/the universe/some dude's room.

          Not exactly an original setting.

          Original game, but.

            Yeah, but you are a tiny man with a ball, rolling up things in rooms and cities stuffed with the weirdest shit imaginable in order to create planets after your dad destroyed them all when he was on a bender.

            Oh, no, wait, there was that one Coen brothers movie where you were a tiny man with a ball, rolling up things in rooms and cities stuffed with the weirdest shit imaginable in order to create planets after your dad destroyed them all when he was on a bender. Mea culpa!

          Not even an original game with all these:
          We Love Katamari
          Me & My Katamari
          Beautiful Katamari
          Katamari Damacy Mobile
          I Love Katamari
          Katamari Amore
          Katamari Damacy No-Vita

            The original game was pretty original, though. Original. Just because it had sequels doesn't mean that it wasn't original. What the hell kind of logic is that?

              Sure it was original when it was the only thing that existed but it would be a stretch to say that the original game came out "in the last few years" - unless 2004 is suddenly not 7 years ago.

              The games I listed that have been released (or to be released) in the years since then are decidedly unoriginal.

                There was no Katamari Damacy before Katamari Damacy came out. Ipso facto: original.

                "Few" is not a hard-and-fast kind of word, is it? I would understand your nitpicking if I was talking about Jet Force Gemini or Rez or something.


        Original is a myth. No games come from a void.

    There better be a hoth pop-culture reference damnit.

    I want to know how they'll tell the story without rehashing the story from DS2 in another setting. If you finished DS2 you'll know they kinda leave the door open, but it sounded like it would just be DS2 all over again. I hope I'm proven wrong.

    It has to be some variant of necromorph. Having a Dead Space game without necromorphs is like having a Gears of War game without the Locust.

    Plus, I can't be the only one who was reminded of The Thing when playing through the first Dead Space. To me, this makes perfect sense.

      Haha yeah my first thought when seeing the image was The Thing.

      Necromorphs actually kind of look like the monster(s) in The Thing.

      Nevertheless, looking forward to DS3, thoroughly enjoyed the first 2.

    Will be awesomely different if they can pull it off. Not very often anyone tries to convey horror without including darkness. Granted, I'm guessing they won't totally wipe out the darkness.

    Should be interesting. Never played the first 2, but using white rather then black is different.

    Interesting approach. I do like that they're trying to do something a bit different. Although it's an obvious risk, I think a 3rd entry similar to Dead Space 2 would stagnate series. Hope it pays off!

    If they're going for "The Thing" then I might yet approve of this.

    If it's more of a 'Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions' type thing then "no thank you, sir" indeed.

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