Sniper Voice Actor's Book Picks Up Plugs From Team Fortress 2 "Reviewers"

You may not be familiar with the name "John Patrick Lowrie." You probably are familiar with the name "Sniper," whom Lowrie voices in Team Fortress 2. He's just published the novel Dancing With Eternity and, well, his friends are giving it some kind reviews on Amazon.

Heavy gave it five of five stars:

Even if cannot read, you will like. Book is heavy so I throw at spy. He will never ever walk again.

Scout gave it the lowest review, four of five.

It was a good book, don't get me wrong. I don't normally read y'know, because I'm busy busting heads and capping points, but when I found out my friend Sniper wrote a book, I had to get it. I give it 4 stars. Would have been 5 if it had come with a hat.

Says Pyro:

Mra mreananna menrannen mrrnin mroonh. Mah mranahhana mrorm mre maranahananranmnh mron mrnmrhn mrnmrnre.

Mranaro mrit mroons mrrrah.

Mrumanhanna muranna mrunahhmphna mrump. Mrumnamahanna.

What more needs be said? Order below.

Dancing With Eternity [John Patrick Lowrie (Amazon) via The Escapist.]


    Lowrie's responses are great as well.

    All the team contributes, but I must admit my favourite was the spy's comment.
    No, not that one.

    Yep, that's the one.

    Writin's a good job mate.

      Challenging work, it's indoors, I promise you'll go hungry for a bit. Because as long as their's two people alive, someone, is gonna be calling your work, shit.

    Epic stuff! The book itself actually sounds quite interesting too, might have to pick it up.

    OH man, they've actually full set up accounts with wishlists too.. check out what the engie wants from Amazon.

    +940634 for the lulz it gave me

      Ha, didn't notice that, cheers! The Medic's wishlist is pretty good too!

    His Aussie accent is good, but VALVE need to lay off on the sterotypes. "God save the Queen?" FUCK the Queen! We should have had a republic in 2000!

      Nah buddy... FUCK YOU... leave my Queen alone.

    I was the Scout that started it all. Feels good, man.

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