Syndicate's New Trailer Is Amazing

Same cool concept, same cool aesthetic, very tired genre. I'm a shooter fan, a HUGE shooter fan, but sometimes it would be nice if when a storied, beloved franchise gets a reboot it didn't turn up as a shooter, or an action shooter, or an RPG shooter, or a fill-in-the-blank shooter.

Syndicate looks lovely, it's enticing, but I still wish it wasn't going to be a shooter.


    why did they have to go and ruin a great strategy.

    I Adored the old syndicate Wars, and im a little upset to see the game go down this path. Looks generic, its been done.

    I wanna see crazy weapons, buildings caving in, making huge ass craters in the ground from nuke grenades!!

    Looks like generic crap.

    anyone else notice the picture of the girl at the end looks exactly the same as the girl from deus ex

    Geez they're really trying to tempt you to download the music? I'd be more tempted to like it on facebook if they promised to remove that music from the game

    As for the game... I looks like its pulled an xcom, might be a good GAME but its not looking like a good use of the franchise

    Wow... forgetting the fact that because it's "Syndicate", it "should be this" and "shouldn't be that" etc.... This game actually looks amazing.

    Looks cool, I hope Starbreeze can capture the feel of the original Syndicate though.
    (although I sucked ass at that game)

    Honestly it looks like Deus Ex DLC or Expansion

    I think we now know why these game hasn't been marketed until right before release - EA's direct competition to Deus Ex?

    Still looks interesting but I'll wait for the reviews.

    Where is Syndicate? sigh...

    Looks good, but it would be better if they didnt call it a syndicate game.

    Well it does look like it will be worth a shot. Have been replaying Syndicate recently - it is still remarkably fun and playable.

    Gotta say I love the original music, and I love me some Skrillex, it's not a bad mix. Never as good as the original, mind you.

    And I don't think the strategy game is ruined. I think all this attention Syndicate is getting lately will result in another sequel that is true to it's squad tactics roots, or at least a spiritually inspired (Syndicate has a spirit, by the way) remake that will pay tribute to the original.

    Do want. Will play.

    as a huge Starbreeze fan, I have to say this is looking Awesome (^_^) They have a great track record, so I cant wait to try it out.

    I suppose it *could* a futuristic Bioshock.... but Syndicate's style is very distinctive. It'd be making Diablo 3 a game styled like The Witcher - cool, but removing the thing that makes it unique.

    Oh well, plenty of time for them to convince us it's worth a look.

    That looked so meh. I don't understand.

    oh no way i didn't know there was going to be a sequel to human revolution so soon!

    seriously though...I'm on the fence on this one, i just loved arming civilians and getting them to do my dirty work for me...sure i can do cool stuff in this game from what it looks like...but it feels so lonesome :(

    What the fucking shit is this?! Agents are not athletic and shoot with finesse. Agents are mindless cyborg tanks (that aren't much more that Terminators by the end due to upgrades). The get their god damn miniguns, walk straight in and hose the place with little concern for collateral damage.

    I also enjoy how the weapons look totally piss weak and limp too. Uzi's are the damn starter gun in Syndicate Wars, miniguns are just a step up. The meat and veg are launchers, pulse lasers, LR rifles and building dropping deployable explosives.

    I am very dissapoint so far. Please prove me wrong.

    woo sliding! I hope that's button press sliding

    People are complaining how it looks like a Deus Ex clone, yet find the glut of COD/BF/WTF war game FPS's completely unremarkable?

    I WANT more futuristic FPS's. All that's needed is a GOOD Mass Effect FPS (hey DICE, Bioware. Get onto that), then the circle will be complete.

    It looks like it has potential, I'll be keeping an eye on it. I like FPS's that do more than simply have you run around shooting things, and hopefully the bits showing the various ways to interact with characters in the game are part of the core gameplay, and not one off cut-scene-esque events.

    It is a shame that they're using "Syndicate" though, it would most likely have been better received had it not used the name of a well-loved series, especially considering the game-play bares zero resemblance to it's namesake.

    Zzzzz. It may end up being a fun game though I'd love something more in keeping with the originals since it is using the name.

    Call me a cynic, but them using brostep (especially Skrillex) says it all. It seems there is a market they are going for and creating a Syndicate game is secondary.

    Why not just create a new IP? I don't think they are going to draw anyone to the game by using the Syndicate name (it may even push some away). It's nearly 20 years old and I'd guess that most people that remember it would prefer a similar style of game.

    I like the look of the game as a potential Deus Ex clone, but it's about as similar to Syndicate as 'a crime family that metes out justice in the world of art and antiquities' is to Uncharted..

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