The Hollywood Hills And A Space Invader Wall

Some houses come with feature walls. Those are pretty exciting and devious. And then some houses come with Space Invader walls, and those are just jealousy-inducing.

Brazilian designer, Guilherme Torres, has designed this unique home in Los Angeles which, aside from being enormous and luxurious and gorgeous, also comes with a Space Invader wall. Yeah okay whatever man, I'll just crawl back into my cardboard box now.

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    The amount of hipster wank on display here is amazing.

      You know, there's a point where you can become so anti-pretentious that it's pretentious again. I think the place looks great. Looks incredibly comfy.

      Though I'd probably add an enormous TV, many consoles and an impressive games collection.

        To each his own I guess. This is certainly not a house I would buy without first making it know, normal.

          My problem with it is that there's just too much *stuff*. I mean, who needs all that decoration? Minimalism is the key!

            You can't really blame the designer. This is an expensive house in the Hollywood Hills, and that place is the motherland of style over substance.

      More importantly, the mothership is wrong.

      Sometimes we're so worried about 'hipsters' that we forget the important things in life.

      Like 100% pixel-accuracy when using 1978 videogames as a template for home decorations. Now THAT'S where it's at. ;-)

    I'm sorry, hipster or not, that place is amazing

    Place looks hideous. Such a mishmash of clashing styles.

    Thinkgeek have lots of awesome decals for making walls interesting, like Super Mario and Portal decals.

    OMG, WANT WANT WANT!!! This looks amazing...! *^___-*

    Space invaders? Really? It's been a design reference for quite sometime.

    Look, though if that wall was a dedicated console which actually *played* the game, now that would be cool.

    I dont think someone just putting it on a wall as a design is actually post-worthy. I'm not being snarky, and not saying it's not cool, I'm just sayin' it's been done before and it's a bit of an obvious gaming reference.

    More importantly, how do you change the lightbulbs..?

    I don't know how anybody could need such a huge house. Really not my thing.

    But I guess if you've got the money... :P

    Maybe the next shooting challenge should be lounge rooms. I would love to see where some of the commenter's live.

      Well my place ain't as big. Being a single guy living on his own without ever getting the silverspoon advantage and all means I gotta keep things minimal but I can guarantee that you won't find a regurgitated mix of the 60's, 70's, and 80's in my place :P

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