The Lovecraftian Crysis Game (Well, Mod)

Thanks to Adam over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun for pointing out The Worry of Newport, a Crysis mod that turns the tropical shooter into a slow, moody traipse through a drab seaside village.

Which looks cooler than it sounds.

Set in and around the town of Newport, it's all about exploration. And listening, as the game boasts a narrator to help give things a little context. And interactive flashbacks. And, sometimes — when things get a little scary — combat as well.

You can find download instructions at the link below.

The Worry of Newport [ModDB, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Woot. Now if someone could use the Crysis engine and remake Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth then life will be perfect.

    Looks very promising. Glad to see it's on the first Crysis (because that means I can play it!).

    And at the end of the RPS article there's this:
    "The team behind the mod have already started work on a new one and that will be using the Amnesia engine."

    Interesting South African accent...

    Imagining it on the Amnesia engine just makes me see it being as scary as... well, you know.

    Funny, it reminds me of Newport. That's a drab, desolate, dreary hole too.

    Really wishing I had a PC that could play this. Shadow over Innsmouth still gives me nightmares.

    this looks like a crysis remake of dear ester

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