The Virtual Boy As An Instrument Of Public Nuisance

The Virtual Boy may have traumatised Nintendo all those years ago, but these days, it seems all it's good for is traumatising a bunch of shop clerks who have to clean up after this guy.

Get me on any other day and this "entry level Jackass" stuff is both old and tiresome, as all it does is score cheap laughs off some poor worker's clean-up job after the mess the jackasses made.

But the fact this involves a Virtual Boy gives it a pass.

If you think the guy in the video looks familiar, that's because he is. It's Nathan Barnatt, from the Neo Geo Music Video, with music in this clip again provided by Fantomenk.

Why the Virtual Boy Failed: The Music Video [technabob]


    I get the tongue-in-cheek "wow, this technology sucks because you can't see".

    But... this is pretty childish.

      Welcome to Nathan Barnatt.

        Hahaha, yeah, they dont know what they're in for! Here's some more:

    If he didn't brace for the stack, it might actually be funny. He's putting his hands out before he's even hit anything lol

      Like I said when a friend posted this, the only good one was when he walked into the column holding the lunch tray. Probably because it was basically the only one he didn't really brace for.

    I laughed the first couple of times he walked into stuff - then it wore out its welcome. Quickly.

    What, get a sense of humour guys. When he was walking up the escalators, that was pretty funny. Of course, this video is pretty old now. I remember watching it at least a year ago.

    i hate to admit it, but i actually own one of these. think i have played it 2 or 3 times in my life.

    Well, Have to say that's 4 Minutes of my life I am never getting back. As you have said already he is really bracing himself before he falls. He certainly is no stunt man. lol. The other thing that really annoyed me was his Lisp, horrible.

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