How To Create A Game Boy… Virtually!

How To Create A Game Boy… Virtually!
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The Nintendo eShop launched in the latest 3DS update, bringing with it the handheld’s Virtual Console. Players can buy Game Boy titles like Super Marioland.

But there’s more than that! The Virtual Console games can be played in black and white or Game Boy green. It’s even possible to boot up the game with a virtual Game Boy boarder, giving the sensation of playing an actual Game Boy. The only thing that’s missing is the Game Boy’s 10-30 hours of battery life.

Video: See Gameboy Virtual Console games on the 3DS in action [Vooks]


  • Wow! They do the same thing emulators have been doing for years! Only this time you’ll pay through the nose for it! Yay Nintendo

    • Why not go further? Why pay for anything if you can simply torrent or pirate anything if you try hard enough?

      Because some of us don’t mind paying a couple bucks to play classics.

    • +1

      A lot of these games are essentially priceless. They hold such sentimental value that I’d gladly pay for them again.

      Sure I have emulators but if I can buy a classic game and play it on a handheld or even on a console (Sega MegaDrive Ultimate Collection anybody?) again I will.

      Brings back memories of being knee-high to a duck and having to get together with mates to beat games that didn’t have the option to save.

  • Love the little touches like the Game Boy ‘rim’ screen and they totally recreated the green background and light.

    This is what nostalgia smells like.

  • Stupid US Kotaku comment system. My posts never get seen unless somebody promotes them. I’m trying to find out if the Gameboy border battery light blinks and fades like a real Gameboy’s, when the actual 3DS battery is low. It would make a nice touch.

    • Perhaps it’s because your comments are redundant. Watch the video, you’ll find the answer to your question.

        • It did dim when he unplugged it, but I don’t know if it was actually showing the battery level or just indicating that it wasn’t plugged in.

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