There's More To Learn About Nintendo's Ugly 3DS Add-on

It's dubbed the "3DS Kakuchou Slide Pad" or "3DS Expansion Slide Pad". It's real. And it's truly an ugly product — the ugliest since the original Nintendo DS. The lacklustre looks are a shame because the 3DS is so pretty. There's more than looks to this, though.

The 3DS Expansion Slide Pad is less a simple add-on and more a cradle for your 3DS. It not only adds extra buttons: The peripheral also has R1, R2, and L2 buttons. There is no L1 button, which is worrying, because look how the 3DS turned out with a singular slide pad.

It looks like some sort of peripheral that one would grip.

Since it is a cradle, it does surround certain parts of the 3DS. It appears that the game cartridge slot is blocked by the 3DS Expansion Slide Pad, meaning that you must take the 3DS out of the Expansion Slide Pad to change games.

The infrared and battery port are not blocked. The front headphone jack is also not blocked. The front also appears to have little slots so the 3DS' colourful power lights are viewable.

This is an ugly bit of Nintendo kit. Even though it is horrid looking, it actually might feel solid in the hand and play well. It depends on things like its design and what kind of material Nintendo used.

No matter how it looks, the the 3DS Expansion Slide Pad is surely just a stopgap on the way to a better, sleeker 3DS iteration. You thought this time was going to be different, early adaptors?

F1188 3DS「モンスターハンター3(tri)G」[カプコン]MH新作が3DSに登場、TGS2011への出展やインタビューも [■■速報@保管庫(Alt)■■]

Top photo: Famitsu


    well..i dont think its bad at all..i actually like it,kinda reminds me of the gameboy player for the gamecube, looks like its grips would fit snugg in my hands,but i hope it also has its own battery pack built in,should 2-4 hours, if it does then its probably just a realy good fix for any mistakes they made on the origional model, and knowing nintendo,they will make it cheap ,probably about 15-25$ max, i'd buy it if it has the battery pak in it,its good:I

    I guess making the console unusable is one way to stop us asking for games. Doesnt look like i can put that in my pocket.

    Hey Nintendo, Nokia called and they want thier portable system launch disaster back.

    Wouldn't it be only one L button because people can just use the L1 that's already on the system ?
    The only real need for both R buttons on the thing is because it sticks so far out from the 3DS that it'd be impossible/hard as hell to hit the R1 with it.

    Nintendo has lost me. i got 3DS on day one but won't be buying anything more from Nintendo if they reward their fans by making a system obsolete within6 months. they didn't even support it. Justafew ports from older systems. the money i save by

      be glad they are realeasing this so you dodnt have to buy a new console, sur the will release a new iteration, but so does sony with there psp's(at least nintendo actualy makes REAL changes). i think of it as the wii motion plus or the playstation move or the kinect. it will have games specifically made for it, but otherwise it is only an add-on, not all games will utilze it.

    The money i save by not buying any more of their games will get me the new Sony hand held

    Don't trust Nintendo no more and won't get Wii U

    What's with the constant hate against the original DS? I LIKED the chunky design, and frankly am getting sick of tech that doesn't have angles or sharp corners.

      This. Also gloss. And capacitive touch screens.

      Also that "slot" isn't for the light, it's for a wrist strap. They even have one on there in a picture in the article there.

      Look at the screen on the DS lite for 30 seconds. Then look at the DS Phat's. You will never be able to look at it the same way again.

    Not far from trading this myself :(

    something that XBOXHUEG should at least add to the battery capacity as well... jeez what an ugly piece of kit.

    What the hell is an early adaptor?

      To be frank, I thought it would be different this time. Obviously they'd make a revision, but I didn't think the original would be this bad...

    Anybody remember this gem?

    The 3DS addon is beautiful by comparison.

    A promo pic of the Handyboy.

    it isnt nessesary for all we know, it migth not even be released. its only an acsessory like the wii motion plus. it adds to gameplay but is not nessisary. games will still use the original layout. quit freking out, you dont have to buty it.

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