Crazy Rumour: Nintendo 3DS Is Getting A Second Analogue Slider Add-On For New Portable Monster Hunter

Crazy Rumour: Nintendo 3DS Is Getting A Second Analogue Slider Add-On For New Portable Monster Hunter

Wait a second. That crazy insane rumour that the struggling Nintendo 3DS would be getting a second analogue slider might actually be true? If you believe early reports from the latest issue of Japanese video game mag Famitsu, well, yeah.

According to still unconfirmed reports from the mag, which typically leaks all over the internet right about now, the 3DS is getting a new hardware add-on that will snap onto the system, adding a second Circle Pad — one that will be perfect for a rumoured version of Wii release Monster Hunter Tri for the Nintendo 3DS dubbed Monster Hunter 3 G.

Other reports indicate the analogue slider will consist of a cradle-like attachment that juts out slightly from the original hardware (or at least more elegantly than my mock-up of the device).

The rumoured report from Famitsu comes from Japanese blogs Game Juhou and Hachima (via 8-4’s Mark “Gaming Jesus” MacDonald).

Nintendo has a press conference scheduled for next week, Tuesday, September 13, in Tokyo, just prior to the Tokyo Game Show. It is rumoured to have new product announcements and potentially new hardware on hand.


  • Soooo – we’re going to have to pay extra for a hardware feature that should have been included for free? Way to nickel and dime everyone.

    What’s next, Ninty? The WiiU controller comes with A and B standard, but you can buy clip-on X and Y buttons for a low package price a few weeks after launch?

  • As long as this is packed in with a game for free or near free.

    Might make the thing a bit easier to hold too (I have massive man hands), but doesn’t do anything for portability.

  • Damn it, Nintendo. Is it really that hard to just release a 3DS remodel with a second stick rather than throwing out this horrendous attachment?

    If anything, I hope they’re doing both at once. Maybe the peripheral is coming out so people with an old 3DS can play games designed for dual-analog control? I can only hope.

  • Hole-ee-sheet.

    Nintendo : Pioneering new ways to alienate their customers.

    Suddenly my free ambassador games make a lot more sense. They’re not compensating us for what’s already happened, but buttering us up for the unwanted ‘servicing’ to come.

  • I’ll buy it, but I would like a decent shooter or two announced as well. I know, a shooter on nintendo? I can wish.

  • Also, in the pictures, does it look fully dock sized to anyone else? Like there is a fair bit added to the back as well as the sides?

    • From what I can see they’ve added a moulded grip to the back of it – not a bad idea, I feel a bit cramped holding a DS Lite!

  • … My god. If its actually that chunky and shitty, I may throw in the towel with nintendo. This is ridiculous.

    As if I don’t have enough nintendium laying around like an obese man with no legs.

    SURELY they have a better solution to this.

    This whole nintendo trying to correct mistakes reminds me of a grandmother stumbling upon their sons Facebook and typing a whole bunch of crap, only to have their son later slap the keyboard away from them and try and fix everything while they still can, but his friends are busy still laughing at him.

    Lengthy analogy, but a relatable one.

    Way to go, nintendo…

  • This add-on is solely to be used with the Monster Hunter game, right? (Well, so far). I doubt that this thing is going to become standard across all upcoming games.

    Though I wouldn’t rule out Nintendo releasing the 3DSLite with a built-in 2nd stick.

  • For the entire life of the PSP – everyone complained about there being only one analog stick/nub.

    I was astonished when Nintendo revealed the 3DS with only 1 stick.

    Yet I don’t think I ever saw anyone complaining about it.

    • No, there were plenty of complaints, even before it was released. People also complained about the battery life.

      Ninty clearly rushed into production with a half designed product based on the positive E3 feedback. This product needed to be exceptional to really compete with the iPhone (the expense of the games makes the rolls royce of gaming), and instead we got a barely polished turd.

    • i did, but there was alot of people saying well the touch screen can work as the second joystick like it originally did for metroid prime hunters

  • Capcom are funny folks. Here we have a series that is loved by fans on the Playstation platform and probably would be most suitable on the new Vita handheld: great graphics, good social featues and TWO analogue sticks. But yet in true Capcom fashion they beat around the bush and release the game on an alternative platform and on top of that release a retarded peripheral.

    Well done Capcom.

    • I think it’s because they decided the thumbstrap from the DS Phat should be forgotten and never heard from again. Shame, I loved that thing 🙁

      • I still have mine. It’s as close as I can get to capacitive technology with Nintendo…

        Know what, **** you Nintendo what being cheap phonies. You’re the richest gaming company in the world. Stop using old tech!

  • Perhaps this will serve numerous purposes – adding the second pad for control, increasing the battery life, making the whole system easier to hold… might be ok?

  • Nintendo you silly sods, if you’re going to release this, at least release it like this:
    (Yeah! Check out my brill 5 minutes in photoshop skillz!)
    Power button goes to the side of the cradle thingy somewhere.

    That other cradle doo-dad looks super uncomfy and clunky (though I do like the handles – maybe they should stay?). Who has a thumbstick to the side of the buttons?

  • So much negativity here. Firstly, it’s just a rumour. Secondly, assuming even if that peripheral is genuine do we even know if it’s developed by Nintendo? Generally Nintendo design things well, and in the predicament they’re in now I highly doubt they would release something so tacky as this. As such I would say it’s more likely to be sold along with the game.

    • It was confirmed about an hour after the initial rumour. See destructoid.

      I’ve been wondering you produced it myself, but regardless, Nintendo really would have pushed for monster hunter, and this is the concession that had to be made because of their poorly designed handheld.

    • Yeah I agree with you here it will look different Nintendo has done some bad things in the last couple of months but even they know how to design things. This looks like something Sega did a few years back……
      I reckon we just all need to wait till Nintendo officially releases images, not people photoshopping things and claiming its true
      seriously people believe anything they see, wait until its confirmed
      (however I will eat my hat if what I saw on some sites is what it is going to look like)

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