Is This A Clue For New Nintendo Hardware?

Before the Tokyo Game Show, Nintendo is holding a press conference. Previously, it was revealed that 3DS-related event was called the "Nintendo Conference". That's not the whole story.

The event is actually called "Nintendo 3DS Shinseihin Happyoukai" (ニンテンドー3DS 新製品発表会). "Shinseihin" (新製品) means "new product" or even "new product line", while "happyoukai" (発表会) is a more innocuous "presentation".

This means that Nintendo is revealing something. It is definitely a new product, but is that new product a game, a hardware revision, or some sort of add-on?

Japanese forum 2ch is buzzing, but leaning more towards either a hardware revision (maybe a 3DS XL or a 3DS Lite?) or the rumoured second thumbstick. Or maybe it's a 3D-free 3DS?

If the new product is just another line of games with Nintendo characters, that will be a letdown. Squaring off with a new iPhone and the PS Vita, Nintendo needs to surprise us. Big time.

任天堂、「ニンテンドー3DS 新製品発表会」 [ITmedia ニュース via オレ的]

Top photo: Ronny Hartmann/AP


    lol the 3DS is doing fine now, PSVita is the one that has an uncertian future at this point. And thats only because it hasnt been released yet. And are we still considering iphones a threat? Recent 3DS sales say otherwise. (rant over)
    Back on topic.....yeah I got nothing, just wanted to rant! Lol

    the iPhone? really? I'm not for 3min games.
    Too soon for a hardware revision, I'm more for the add-on rumors.
    And finally, more games a letdown? is the only thing that nintendo needs to win the market.

    It would be unwise to release a hardware revision so soon after the price drop. The exact same thing will happen - the hardware revision will obviously be more expensive than the stock 3DS, so no-one would buy it

    Hopefully it'll be a new cool first party franchise that Nintendo introduces to the world. :)

    *fingers crossed* 3DS releases of new Metroid and F-Zero (spooge); online-store-wide drop in price brackets; epic MMORPG that makes integral use of Street Pass and AR to complete quests by finding things/people IRL; 3D video recording/uploading to YouTube; plans to have Wii U and 3DS interact more closely together.

    3DS still has heaps of untapped potential. Here's hoping for something completely out of left field!

    Seriously, I'd lose a nut for that!,

    yes Nintendo 3dsDsi xl lite

    I'd be betting on anew game announcement, say Monster Hunter 3D?

    Could someone please explain the logic in a 3D-free 3DS to me? Why exactly would something like that be needed/encouraged?

    People who don't want to play the games in 3D have a very simple option available to them... slide a goddamn switch downwards.

    Blaming the poor sales on the 3D component is completely ridiculous and illogical. I'm glad the lack of quality games is often cited however.

    Hopefully Star Fox 64 3D sets the 3DS on the right path.

    If the second thumb stick revision on the 3ds is true then the thumb stick attachment rumor better be true also or I'm going to be super pissed (although how the attachment will work on the current 3ds baffles me to be honest). If anything they should release a new f-zero game or a Pokemon game.

    Why the hell would they introduce a second thumbstick. This would
    1) Fragment their hardware line-up.
    2) Alienate early adopters
    3) Fuck over all their devs

    It's beyond insane. Who even,for a second, thought this was plausible?


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