Australian Kinect Voice Controls... Finally!

Almost a year since the release of Kinect in Australia, Microsoft has announced that Aussies will finally be able to use voice control through Kinect.

According to Microsoft, Kinect Voice control for games will work from tomorrow, most likely via an update. For all entertainment controls, however, we'll have to wait until mid-December. This is still in line with Microsoft's promise that Australians would have Kinect Voice control by the end of the year, but still far outside their initial estimates.

More details as we get them.

EDIT: We called to confirm with Microsoft, and the Kinect voice controls for games are actually the voice controls that are game specific — like in Forza 4. The proper update we're looking for comes mid-December via an update. Sorry for any confusion.


    What they didn't tell you is at the start of every command you have to say "G'Day".

    To turn it on you just say 'struth'.

      Just like the Scottish verison "Acccchhhhhhh AYEEE THAAA NOOO"

    Is this a dashboard only thing tomorrow? I'm confused. Voice control "in games" works on Forza 4 already. (it doesn't understand "Yorkshire" but it does understand "English")

      I don't think the Forza 4 voice commands are that great.

      I was up-ending a bag of cheese & bacon balls into my mouth (no cheese fingers for me!) and the Kinect mic heard the rustling of the bag and brought up "AUTOVISTA"

      needless to say I ROFL'd spasmodically.

      Ha! I'm an Aussie living in Yorkshire at the moment.

      And trust me, Yorkshire should be a totally differently ranked language. They barely make any fucking sense sometimes. Aye up ;)

    is this NZ as well? was there no voice recognition earlier or just didnt understand the accent?

    Voice controls are already working in The Gunstringer and Dance Central 2, I've used them quite a bit. But it's nice to finally get the full update!

      That's a separate thing. This is more like to navigate the dashboard and stuff.

      But yeah, Microsoft was very vague on the details! Hence the short story.

        I'm confused. So the update is going to allow for game specific voice commands to work but not on the dashboard? But game specific commands already work in Forza 4 and Dance Central 2. So in other words it ads nothing?

    And now to take down my shirt. LOL


    I'm confused. What kinnect voice commands will we get access to if we still do not get media control? If all we get is the ability to say 'play' and have the game load up, what's the big deal? Happy to be enlightened if anyone can.

    I used the voice controls in the Kinect Sports 2 demo last night. Took a bit of shouting before it started recognising them.

    Not having the entertainment controls for another two months really sucks, i'd imagine they're the controls I imagine I'd use the most.

    Off course they've just rushed the game controls out in time for Halo Anniversary.

    i have been using voice controls since it was available in the states, my region is set to us, be working since release

    btw forza 4 using voice since recent dash board update when forza was released

    I bought a Kinect yesterday (not sure why but having fun so far) so this is pretty good timing. BTW, what are the best titles? I've only got the pack in game Adventures. Downloaded a bunch of demos but yet to try them out.

      Dance Central and Child of Eden.

        Cheers. With Dance Central do you recommend the original or the sequel or does it really not matter outside of the track listing?

          Dance Central 2 has 2 people able to dance at once - DC1 does not...

          DC2 has Sir Mixalot - DC1 does not...

      Kinect Sports is pretty fun, no more deep than Wii sports but good for a laugh and play with friends.

      But you have to get Gunstringer, brilliant game.

    I guess this means that I should set up my Kinect...

    Or I can treat it like Siri and ignore it :p

    So fuck you microsoft it's not the proper one yet.

    Can you believe this was on today tonight? Nice seeing you Serrels. But it was a very haphazard story =/

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