Do We Really Need This Leisure Suit Larry HD Remake?

Do We Really Need This Leisure Suit Larry HD Remake?

Do We Really Need This Leisure Suit Larry HD Remake? Since the mechanics of old-school adventure games are relatively simple, they tend to age quite well — which is why I loved both Monkey Island remakes (with the voice acting turned off obviously). But now EGM are reporting that a Leisure Suit Larry remake is in the works, and I don’t really know how I feel about that.

I mean, the appeal of Leisure Suit Larry as kids was the appeal of the forbidden. As an adult, I’m pretty sure this game won’t have aged well beyond that initial burst of nostalgia – and even that has been scrubbed bare by the new art style.

Does this game really need to be remade? Am I just being grumpy for the sake of it? I don’t know any more…

Leisure Suit Larry Returns in HD [EGM]


  • I agree, Back in the days of the original, we were talking about an area of entertainment that wasn’t so closely watched by classification boards, wasn’t so caught up in being perfect. And was quite frankly, played by kids who got a little kick out of the mere suggestion of “rude stuff”. I honestly dont think a hd remake will fly.

  • They should just re-release the text version and make it 10 times nastyer.
    Include things like felching, and tea bagging.

  • You are just being grumpy, as long as this game is just an HD upgrade and not a travesty like Magna Cum Laude or Box Office Bust (both were made without Al Lowe) then it should be fun… As well as being fun for kids who would see it as “forbidden” as you put it.

  • I don’t see why not.

    You’re 100% right on the whole “forbidden” side of things – but still it’s counted as one of the classic games of it’s time.
    I think it could be a jolly romp!

  • Considering I never really got the chance to play these types of games originally (I think I only played my first Monkey Island game last year or something?), remakes are great for me. It would be excellent to be able to switch back to original graphics though, just to see what it used to be like.

  • This has to be one of the most remade games ever, barring arcade classics. It was already remade in ’91. And it started as a remake of Softporn Adventures.

    The Monkey Island special editions were pretty cool, though. Sometimes it’s fun to go back and revisit favourite characters and jokes with new voice acting, music and animation.

    I never played LSL, though. I’m not sure how funny it really was, or how much it was just played because my friends knew their parents wouldn’t want them playing it.

  • Most of the adults who played it back in the day may not admit it, but the original was fun.

    The Al Lowe games were fun because they were titilating without being gross, sexy without being sexual.

    I’m all for an HD remake. Even though the interface will need some minor changes, I could see this happening for all the later games and all of them being enjoyable.

    But stop at Love for Sail, that was the last good one.

  • We don’t need this. They should be remaking Space Quest and/or King’s Quest instead.
    Leisure Suit Larry was only interesting when I was 11 and like Sir Serrels said, only because it was forbidden.

    • All due respect to the first lady, when you’re young it’s interesting because it’s forbidden, when you’re old it’s fun because you get the jokes and you’ve been in similar situations.

      • I never played any of the games so I wasn’t trying to say they were bad or anything. I more think we don’t need it because there’s a limited audience for it whereas Space Quest and King’s Quest would appeal to a broader range of people.

        • Kings Quest is already being remade by fans, but aparently Activision are asking too much for the rights to the Sierra adventure catalouge they inherited from Vivendi.
          Also, Space Quest is available from Good Old Games, which includes the adaptor to play them in Windows 7.
          I love those games, too, but they’re in a different place to LSL.

  • The original has this wonderful seediness in terms of artwork, setting, puzzles, gags and deaths. The game was a melding of ‘edgy’ black comedy with slapstick.

    The new art style tosses that seediness leaving the game wallowing in a soulless cartoon art and sit-com humor wasteland.

    As I see it.

    • I can’t decide whether to scream Yes! or No!

      On one hand I’d adore a remake of the best adventure game ever made but on the other there’s so many little ways they could ruin the magic of it. They’d have to be really careful to keep the spirit of the original, higher poly versions of the models and higher resolution version of the same textures and then stop. The art style was so central to the game it’d be horrible to change it, no cartooning it up like with monkey island or this LSL remake

  • I may or may not have had a pirated copy of this that I finished back when I was 12. I remember enjoying it a lot so I’d probably buy it just to apologize for the piracy.

  • You want to make a real Leisure suit Larry game? Have Al Lowe work on it!

    I you think about what was fundamentally wrong with Magna Cum Lade and the abortion that followed its pretty simple,

    They got rid of Al Lowe, They turned a point and click game into some kind of crappy action adventure with substandard mini games and even tried to make Larry look “cool” in Box office bust.

    So in closing, get Al Lowe to make a point and click Larry adventure game.

  • Larry was one of gaming’s first unsympathetic protagonists. You weren’t supposed to find him admirable; he was a programmer that went to Vegas with nothing more than a tacky suit in a pathetic attempt to reinvent himself.

    So in a way remaking it is completely appropriate.

  • Hold on but this has been remade already, they did a VGA upgrade to the first game, so it’s a remake of a remake.

    Bring on a new game by Al Lowe or even as previous people have suggest remake the Space or Kings quests series which were also great games during their time.

  • Is anyone else shocked that they’re not trying to reboot the franchise as an FPS to attract a new generation of fans?

  • I’ve been looking around for the complete l.s.l collection for a few years now as I had it when i was younger and enjoyed playing it and I am hoping that someone can remake it and get it back on the shop shelves

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