High Resolution Texture Pack For PC Rage Unlikely

While id Software never promised such a pack, its potential existence became substantially more blurred after the following piece of unpromising news was delivered by id's programming maestro John Carmack via Twitter.

our first test of a higher res page file didn't help much, because most source textures didn't actually have any more detail.

Basically, if the detail isn't there, upping the resolution of the textures won't help.

It's possible id might do another pass to up their detail levels, but given the time and cost of producing new assets and the fact the game's already had its main sales run, the studio's more likely to offer a rocket-powered unicorn as DLC than go down this path.

On a positive note, another tweet from Carmack mentions the next PC patch will include bicubic upsampling to "alleviate the blurry textures". Upsampling can only take you so far, however.

[Twitter, via DSO Gaming]


    - This is ridiculous. If I didn't buy Rage on PC, I would've taken it back to Game. I'm so disappointed in the graphics. I doubt I'll buy another id game.

    Gamers are very quick to say they'll boycott something; but when it comes down to it, they fold quickly.

    Don't get me wrong, I do the same thing.

    Meh. I'm just gonna pretend this game never happened and that id simply shut down after making Doom 3. Ya know, give it a happy ending.

    Can someone fill me in on this situation. I know the PC launch of RAGE was a disaster. But the textures are low res?

      There is nothing wrong with Rage and iD. They did a great job on the game but got screwed by ATI and nVidia for the launch.

      Graphics were great and even if high res pack comes out it wont make a difference except some reflection and more blood?

      PC gamers are thinking too much about graphics.

        Who's iD?

        id didn't do a perfect job with Rage's PC launch, they left out many options that PC gamers should have been able to expect from them. ATI in particular stuffed up a bit with their drivers, but that doesn't shift the responsibility away from id - it's their job to make sure the product works.

        If a high res pack were possible (if the source assets were actually created in high res throughout) then it would do a lot for the look of the game. It has nothing to do with reflections and blood though.

        I do 100% agree though that PC gamers are worrying too much about graphics, the game is very beautiful, even with some very low res textures in places, and I think the trade-off to have such richly realised environments was more than worth it.

          As a mostly PC gamer, I completely agree there's too much focus on graphics.

          As an indie PC developer, it scares me to think that people might not play my game because the graphics aren't mind blowing.

          I take solace in the fact I probably wouldn't want these people playing my games anyway. :)

            You guys seem to think that PC gamers just want every single game to be high-res textures etc. Not the case at all. Team Fortress 2 doesn't need ridiculously fancy graphics because that's not it's style. Same goes for games like Torchlight or Super Meat Boy and plenty of other titles out.

            But when you have titles like this that are meant to have phenomenal graphics, meant to make things look as real as possible then of course the focus is going to be on whether or not they actually succeeded.

          PC gamers by and large don't care how good a game looks though if you make something nice and shiny you make sure it works

          We have machines that can take advantage of better graphics if available the level of graphics isn't the be all en all look at eye divine cybermancy awesome game not a stinker in the graphics

          The issue people have with rage is it blatantly didn't work and texture pop in is actually more annoying than if they had just been crap textures

          That couple with the lack of self optimization is another pain in the ass I know what I like in my game and which graphics features I would rather drop because they hog too many resources and I don't think they provide a worthwhile gain. Everyone prioritizeses stuff differently and to have that choice taken away is never a good thing

            60FPS aint good enough? Im sick of games running at sub-par frame-rates - RAGE was smooth as silk!

          I have a system that is 10x more powerful than either a XBOX 360s or PS3. Crysis 2 was half the size after install and much better looking after there DX11 and hires texture pack update than Rage. For a company that started out on PC why they would make an engine thats supposed to be cutting edge then making a Console port. I had fun playing the game but was too short lived, when I completed the game I could not go back to town and finish the side quests. The game worked flawlessly maxed out without error on first install and I use Windows 7 x64, AMD Phenom x4 965, Nvidia GTX285 and 6Gig Mem.

          No, that's not it at all. A lot of the middle detail in Rage is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS. I could make better textures than that. Big Toolboxes, Railings, Phones, the list goes on. It looks like utter garbage. There was a Jackhammer I saw in one level that I wouldn't have known was a jackhammer from the texture, only the model shape gave it away. Games from ten years ago have better textures.

        but of course with the id, it is graphic!
        their games are easy and John Carmack has always spoken of the potential of PC and so on.

      yes, if you look on doors, cupboards, plates and other items, rocks ... seem to blur :(
      and color and the dark, all fixed, there is no light causing changes in the environment.
      damn 60 frames. I will wait for new technologies that Epic should be ready!

    I never thought I would say this but.

    Dude, fuck John Carmack.

    So glad i stole this game now. Think i was lucky enough not to have been caught by their pre-order trap.

      So wait, let me get this straight. You paid absolutely no money for this game, did nothing to support it's development, and yet feel like you're entitled to complain? Wow. Just wow.

        'I stole a kettle. It just so happens to be made of lead and now anybody with this kettle are getting sick, I don't get a right to complain about the poor manufacture of the kettle because I didn't buy it.'

        Sure, the game aint hurting anybody, but it sure aint doing/acting/looking like what the designers said it would, so people should be able to complain.

        Also nobody supports the development of the game they bought by buying it (unless it's one of those 'pre-order alpha/beta types like Minecraft) they support the FUTURE developments of this company. By which to say, is that anybody who bought Doom 3 should have a right to be disappointed.

          You can complain if it's affected you adversely. It has not affected anyone adversely unless they payed money for the game and expected better graphics, therefore what right have people who pirated the game to think themselves entitled to anything?

          Also, you're naive to think that people who bought Doom have a right to complain about a future game.

          They payed money for Doom. They got Doom, they gave money to the developers. It's not their money anymore. They got Doom. If they like Doom, good. If they didn't, then they can complain. About Doom.

          The same goes for Rage. The money you pay goes towards paying the developers for work both past and future, but that's not the point. You payed for the game you bought, not future games.

        I don't think this was a complaint. If anything, they sounded happy they hadn't paid for it.

    Alienating your once core audience is not going to go down well. Bad decision especially when that audience made the company they have today.

    Carmack has said that PC is not high priority for iD anymore and that XBOX is where the money is.


      Yep, I think it's doubly disappointing because that point of view is not necessarily very forward looking, now that console sales are waning and the PC has a potential window to shine until the next console cycle begins.

        The only reason console sales are diminishing is because consoles now have a MASSIVE install base around the world, in terms of [game] units sold, console will always out sell pc. Just the way it's going to be, for the foreseeable future anyway.

          You're probably right, but PC games will at least have a bit of a boost between the console cycles.

          Nvidia predicts PC gaming revenue will eclipse consoles by 2014...though they may be ever so slightly biased. :)

          Also Portal 2 did better on PC than on consoles, and I do think we'll see that happening more often in the future on some titles.

          Because PC's don't have a bigger install base?

          The great thing is that consoles moving forward are going to have to contain a much more PC orientated design. I'd be surprised I the next xbox isn't running some form of windows 8 in. An effort to make the 360 a little more home computing solution akin to a hardware locked Mac

    Well I have the game on PC and I just finished it...and loved it. Granted I would have liked just a touch more freedom to explore, and collect things, or even a few more toys to build...but I have little to complain about.

    Did I experience poor texture loading, yes. Was I able to fix it, yes. I enjoyed this game from start to finish. It was a fun, solid FPS with some good little rpg elements mixed in. The car racing was fun as hell, and I pretty much just played all the races at once when I could. Will I play it online, probably not, with friends maybe...

    I keep seeing this sense of entitlement from gamers. This game was great, was it the best game ever made, no. Was it fun, Hell yes! Does it need hi-res textures, not really. The game looks beautiful, and yeah some things up close look a bit shabby, but if you spent as much time playing the game as you did whining about it, you might actually appreciate what they have done. I even liked the little card mini game.

    It's actually a game that I'll definitely play at least 2 or 3 times. Granted the launch was a little slow, but I appreciate the fact that I got to play another quality title. Thanks id for the effort, look forward to DLC and Rage 2!

      "This games shit, just look at that wall!" hahaha next game from ID, "Super Hi-Res Wall" for PC

    this wouldnt have been a problem if carmack hadnt crapped on so much about how amazing id is and how they are the fathers of fps and blah blah, if they had been modest about it and just said the game would be as good as they can make it, nobody would give a shit. its like molyneux talking up his games. and for the record i think Rage looks fine, and if the games maximum settings arent good enough for you, go suck a fat one nobody cares lol

    Go Go Modding Community!

    Doesn't bother me. I'll still buy this on PC in a couple of months.

    It makes me wonder if the people complaining about this game have average systems... It ran great for me and looked good too.

    Mmmm GTX580

      275GTX here and it looked great to me. wtf is wrong with people? they're groaning because they believe it should look better than it really does.

        GTX280 here, Q9550 Processor, 8GB RAM. Running in 1920 x 1200, Max AA (16x), Max Anisotropy. No screen tearing, no textures popping up, running silky smooth.

        ... that and i cant recall the last PC game that actually had such minimal loading times....

    My system is average but it plays every other game thats is out well. This game looks really shit. Plays Ok now with the update but in all I would say ID screwed the PC version up. Compared to other games out there now on my system this game looks like it's about 3 years old.

    The Steam forums for this game are hilarious by the way. I finally found a forum with more whining than the Red Orchestra 2 forums.

    Rage was a great game. If you didn't cheap out on ATI/AMD products you wouldn't have a issue.

    You know what I'd have paid more for? longer more interesting drives with places to explore that werent directly mission related. Towns that actually have more purpose than to provide mission givers and race menus. Seriously, so many highly detailed characters and so little purpose to their existence.

    if you played all campaigns know:
    - Texture sewers, always with a dark green shadows without volume.
    - Textures in the dead city, even make it impossible to understand WHAT exactly have in place. bad color, shadows that make wall and floor one.
    the textures are bad, the light crap ... the use of the scenario "nothing monumental" after 7 years of ... blablabla mediocre.
    I do not like asking for the refund Steam, the game disappoints, and remembers a CCC title.
    id consider my last game. and look that was very patient with the damn Doom3.

    is not just a matter of visually impaired.
    the game sucks!
    Rage is not great with technology or new ... just fucking with their MegaTexture 21gigas and the worst possible light!
    the scenario has no life, things do not show physical. the gameplay is childish! you finish in 12 hours.
    I want more Fuck this talk of the legacy of id! and John Romero and Tom Hall, two parasites that live on
    doom burger! id software belongs to the 90 and over.

    I hope Doom 4 with this idea of ​​"fantasy author" ends with this studio!

    I finished Rage.. gameplay for kids. Mediocre, like most of id's games since the days of John Romero. Ridiculous challenge, good fun, but always look superb (90´s era).
    Now, Rage.. I spent each level, the textures come to confuse you! this would be a stone? the bush like a rocking serrated, there is no life in the environment, nothing responds to shots, everything is glued with super glue!
    And my god.. some local color, texture reminds imported (tile art compatibility) the solid shadows seems painted in the corner! and nothing, not your character or enemies, suffer the effect of darkness, only a light + light- horrible.
    Rage you can configure as you please, do not waste your time! the textures are not good, blurry.
    never pre-order.
    id never.
    I still have more Skyrim on pre-order.
    I think ZeniMax.. going to make me his bitch in 2011.

    We need more textures!
    more textures!
    This blurry image is good for you?
    21 gigas bitch?
    Need 150 gigas and more textures!!

    I like Rage. I think it's very fun. Textures could be better but it's still a beautiful game.
    Why do people complain so much?
    I mean come on, it's not like it's DNF!

      DNF is a mistake 4 ever.
      Rage is a waste of space and 60$.

    AUSGAMERS GAVE RAGE 9/10 WTF. http://www.ausgamers.com/games/rage/review/ ID is now paying off reviewers.

      Perhaps because the responsible for this crap game Tim Willits, gave a lecture or something around there lately.

    Much frustration, but some comments show serious points about the legacy of them.
    The textures are also very bad in the console versions.. are the same crap on the pc, with the color and ugly shadows around. After all the painting of scenery, a huge download (PC), my ps3 heating up so much to process in memory with this "MegaTexture". I finished the game on normal, hard and did not notice a difference! so linear, little fun and repetitive.
    I think that id software has promoted his "legacy" for no reason. They continue making games linear without much to do, with little effect during the huge "painted shell" that is wasteland.
    Seems that id suffers from the evil eye of John Romero and Tom Hall.. who live to suck credits of doom, I hate those guys.. postmorten of Doom 20 years later? OK! OK!
    John Carmack made ​​a serious mistake in keeping the company small, he said to keep the code... Epic grew understand how to make a great engine and markets it globally. Doom3 was frustrating so dark, and Rage, shows that Carmack actually need to think about making things functional for today, or do like Tim Sweeney (Unreal) designing for tomorrow. The problem is.. id software engine´s does not sell good a decade, and has no good multiplayer structure too.
    Have much luck with ZeniMax.

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