How Skyrim Came To Life

No matter how fast Bethesda staffers can speedrun through the latest Elder Scrolls game, it's still freaking huge. It can be tough to appreciate how much work goes into a project like this when you're caught up in the experience. That's what so great about the latest blog post on the official Elder Scrolls site and its accompanying video.

It brings the people and the process behind turning so much paint into polygons that take on a life of their own. Watch, read, learn and appreciate. Unlike Kotaku's own extremely lucky Mike Fahey, that's all those of us who don't have the game yet can do.

Completely Blue Sky: The Concept of Skyrim [The Elder Scrolls]


    Todd Howard: Why are you drawing meat?! lmao

    very lord of the rings I must say, and I really like it, cant wait

    Best trailer for the game thus far.



    Ok so I think I'll buy a new PC so I can run it at high. There goes half my savings

    Oh my!

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