How To Find Quake Inside Rage

Earlier today we posted our walk-through video showing how you to find a little bit of Wolfenstein 3D inside id Software's Rage. Here's a look at how to find Quake in the game.

This time around you don't have to just bump into a wall, you need to track down four buttons, click em and then find a portal. Fortunately, Game Front walks you through it.


    I love the slipgate noise.

    All they need to find now is a Dopefish and Rage will be complete.

    If only Rage was out in Australia.. thankfully I can pick up my preorder tomorrow :3
    This looks SO awesome!

      It's out now. Released early.

    Why does he talk like that?

      I thought it was pretty entertaining.

    I bet there's a Doom room as well somewhere.

      You probably have to randomly click every single wall in the game to find it.

    Wow, the guy who made that video is /really/ annoying.

    Well done, now we ALL know to never watch *any* of your other vids.

    Achievement Unlocked: Bad first impression.

    What happens when you walk through the Easy/Normal/Hard slipgates?

      That's what I thought! what the hell was the point of walking back where you came in from when active portals are on the other side of the bridge!

    Damn that guy sounded like a douche

    When you hit the three buttons you need to hear that sound in Quake when you open a secret door.

    Also, the 25 health pickup sound didn't quite cut it. Needs the button heavy click sound.

    Sweet :) When I saw the Wolf3D easter egg I hoped there would be similiar finds throughout the game that refer back to all of iD's past games. One step closer...

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