Meet The Cover Star Of Battlefield 3

The grim-faced soldier gracing the packshot of Battlefield 3 has a history with the series. He's Dennis Lennartsson, a motion-capture actor selected by DICE to star on the cover of this year's game.

Lennartsson wore about 30kg worth of gear for the cover shoot (more than 500 images were taken). During motion capture for the game, which released Tuesday, he wasn't as encumbered. Lennartson told that he recalled sitting in his underwear with motion-capture balls on his body and face, and seeing himself in a monitor in full combat gear.

He didn't say how much he was paid for the cover appearance, but it evidently was substantial enough that he can continue with the non-profit work he does in Sweden. Lennartsson, a former military policeman, is a co-founder of a sign-language teaching centre in his home country.

Dennis pryder omslaget till det senaste storspelet [ via Battlefield3Blog. Thanks LulzJager]


    Random news is random..

      Whats wrong with a little profile, its interesting to know that the guy on the cover is a real person, and now every time you see the pic you'll think, hey that dude his cool, he does good things with his money.

      how many of you people devote your time and money to helping others? or is a water cooled quad gtx580 gaming rig more important?

        I dunno, the rig does sound rather tempting :P. Although, that said, i did pick up the cover just now and thought "wow, that's an actual person!" - you know, rather than rendered from scratch.

        It is interesting, i'll agree

    I always thought the BF3 cover guy was CGI... And even if he was real, was some shameless celebrity plug (eg Sam Worthington in Black Ops)

      "was some shameless celebrity plug"

      Totally necessary addition to your point. Stay classy, BC fanboy.

        Too bad this is BF, not BC.

      no no the ultimate celebratity plug is patrick steward as the emperor in oblivion

        While we're complaining about awesome things, how about Steve Merchant in Portal 2?

      Judging from the covershot, they may have used this guy as a model but then photoshopped the result extensively. Checkout the changes to the cheek and nose structure.

    we now have a face for the face.

    This week in questions nobody asked....
    Coming next week: The conspiracy behind the font used for the Battlefield 3 front cover...stay tuned!

    Huh. Didn't think it was a real person due to the bluish colouring they used. I just assumed it was art work.

      I just assumed it was recycled from Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

      Oh wait.. it was

        They are quite different images, and by the looks different people

        Ofcourse Battlefield are going to use a similar style as previous games, a lot of licences do that so that people recognise it

          It was the same guy who posed for the BC2 art.

    This is going to come in really handy when they pass out the 2011 Useless Information Survey.

    Bloody hell. And you still went to all the effort to hit the link just to complain.
    I found it interesting.


    Wow he is a sign-language teacher and founder in his own country. Interesting. I am deaf and can do sign language fluently. I am also a gamer :)

    You guys are a tough crowd! I thought it was interesting... You many of you got to be the front cover of... Anything?
    It's pretty cool :)

    Well when you ask for someones "comments" that's exactly what your going to get... good or not so good.

    they took that photo while he was trying to find a server

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