Meet The Cover Star Of Battlefield 3

Meet The Cover Star Of Battlefield 3

The grim-faced soldier gracing the packshot of Battlefield 3 has a history with the series. He’s Dennis Lennartsson, a motion-capture actor selected by DICE to star on the cover of this year’s game.

Lennartsson wore about 30kg worth of gear for the cover shoot (more than 500 images were taken). During motion capture for the game, which released Tuesday, he wasn’t as encumbered. Lennartson told that he recalled sitting in his underwear with motion-capture balls on his body and face, and seeing himself in a monitor in full combat gear.

He didn’t say how much he was paid for the cover appearance, but it evidently was substantial enough that he can continue with the non-profit work he does in Sweden. Lennartsson, a former military policeman, is a co-founder of a sign-language teaching centre in his home country.

Dennis pryder omslaget till det senaste storspelet [ via Battlefield3Blog. Thanks LulzJager]


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