Now Skyrim's Manual Has Leaked

A Reddit user has posted what looks like the final retail manual for the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Now, while a manual is normally grounds for zzzzzzzzz, in Skyrim's case, it's got information on stuff like skills, lock-picking and - sigh - encumbrance.

And if you don't give a shit about any of that? There are user interface shots, people. Menus. Inventory screens. Heads-up displays. The good stuff.

I've put the most relevant/informative shots in the gallery above, but if you want to see the whole thing, you can check out every damn page of the manual here.

On the subject, we got our first look at Skyrim's map yesterday. You can check it out here.

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    Seems slightly more useful than the Gears of War 3 manual.

      Christ, what a joke that thing was.

        And only slightly less useful then the Space marine manual.

      You want a joke? The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Manual.

    I miss old-scholl tome manuals :(

      Then you want the Witcher 2 retail version.

    I just, I just want a menu option to turn encumberance off.

    Is that so much to ask?

      Normally I would disagree, but then I remembered trying to move all my stuff in Oblivion from that pirate ship to my new house. That... took a while. I'm such a hoarder in RPGs. :/

        Me too. I ended up with all those *important* items scattered through my several properties and no idea where they were. It'd be nice to pay an NPC to just move everything you own from within one property to another one.

      This is why I prefer these games on PC.
      I can adjust all the little annoyances with console commands

        I'll agree that Mod support is about the best reason to buy a pc. But, I don't have the room for one, or the patience to be honest.

    Bethesda, imma let you finish, but

    Fallout 2 had the best manual ever. Just saying.

      Amen - Fallout 2 had one awesome manual

      *cough* Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn

        I agree - I've got the collector's edition on my shelf, and it's a ring-bound thing of beauty.

        Still have the manual and map. May wear and tear never enter the lexicon.

    FIFA 12 had the best manual ever........

    Fist fight to gain information. At last!
    For all that time I've spent bribing people for info and wished I could just hold them down and beat them until they coughed up what I was after.

    Relatively recent release - Combat Mission Shock Force manual = 220 pages.

    Completly useless after a series of game patches were released that seriously changed gameplay but still. :P

    I'm still curious about what exactly they've done to make daggers useful this time around.

      I hear they made them do something like 10x more damage in sneak mode with a special attack, possibly a perk.

    fawlty towers had the best manuel ever

    I just want to know what the joke is:

    "I've got a really good dumb blonde joke: What did [the] blonde ... A.C.T."

      Aww, you beat me to it :p

      Had to do some serious sleuthing instead of my very important job, so PRAISE ME!

    I really hope it's not so simple to level up your abilities. Once you discover that spamming level 1 magic spells with MP so low you recover the MP before you arm lowers back down really imbalanced everything. Or rubber banding the control stick into a rock to increase your running.

    Man... where are the spoiler tags!


    I shouldn't be so excited over some low quality pics of a manual!

    Looks like it's almost exactly the same as Oblivion with a couple of new options.

    I thought Oblivion's combat was laughably shallow, the levelling system and skill-learning systems awful, and the manual and the comments I've seen from hands-on aren't persuading me that these things have changed at all. At least they've apparently fixed up the terrible face graphics.

    Can't see myself getting Skyrim. I'm sure it will get the same brilliant reviews Oblivion got, but I just didn't see whatever it is people saw in Oblivion's giant-but-shallow world, flimsy storyline, flimsy combat and terrible UI and levelling systems.

    Good thing I'll have Uncharted 3 and maybe Arkham City to keep busy!

    I'm glad they've added the fallout 3 lock-picking, the oblivion one was just annoying.

      It's not all about the story or combat effects. It's about being able to define your character however you want in a world of untold possibility :p

    encumberance off? what u need is a non rpg game dude

    I want to know how the dumb blonde joke ended. =(

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