Remember This? [UPDATE #2]

Yesterday Tracey cranked things up a notch with Remember This - I must keep the momentum going. Good luck folks! Drop your guesses/answers in the comments below. If no-one gets it I'll update in the afternoon.

Alright, looks like you guys are struggling. I reckon this will give the game away. Literally


    Snow bros

    Kid Icarus on the NES?

    Bubble Bobble on the NES

    Haunted House - Atari?

    A boy and his blob

    Wait, that's gotta be a Vextrex game, Asteroids is too obvious so....Minestorm?

    The Dig. It's gotta be.

      Are you sure it's not worms? I'm pretty sure it's worms. :P


        Oh, you were right. Sorry.

        /gross talk

    Super Mario World.

      I swear I can't stop seeing a crude version of Bullet Bill, just with no outline

    One of the bajillion bomberman games

    It looks like a cloud from Super Mario Bros on Nes

    Super Mario World, or Super Mario Bros 3?

    Granny's Garden.

    Super Mario Bros 3? (and as I type this I see it above me lol

    Super Mario Bros 2?

    Probably too obvious.

    Come to think of it, that looks like a closeup on the eye of something, with some kind of fringe visible above it, rather than a bit of cloud or ice or something.

    I don't know this game. I hereby excuse myself from the competition.

    Damn tricksy Kotaku.AU staff and their obscure games *mumble* mean sourpusses...

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