Remember This? [UPDATED]

We're back to box art for today's "Remember This?"! Do you remember the game from this fragment of box art? The game has definitely been released in Australia so, provided you weren't born after its release, you would have had an opportunity to see it on shelves. Leave your answers in the comments!


    The Dig. Please, oh, please.

      lolz no.

      Story published @ 11am...

      Your post @ 11am....

      You just sit here at 10:59am with a dippy bird on your F5 key dont you?

        This time it was a lucky coincidence. Just as well too, as Meteors crashed down around me at 11:01!

    Looks like a screenshot of Microcosm for the Mega CD. Not sure if that's what the cover looks like though.

    Metroid Prime?

    (I honestly don't know what this is and I want to play!)

    world of warcraft

    it looks a bit like the inside of a stomach or intestine?..

    Oh wait, worms?

    Given the red, I'm going to go DUNE 2.

    Also, I love that game.

    That is all.

    Dungeon Keeper

    Dragon's Lair or Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara?


    Aladdin on Sega megadrive? From like that lava carpet ride part.

    Mega Race?

    Thunder Force 3 on the Sega Genesis?

    Dragon's Lair

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