Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of box art? After being beaten by the Kotaku community in yesterday's Remember This (it is not a competition it is not a competition it is not a competition), I decided to change things up and go with box art instead of a screenshot today. Have a guess! I'll put a clue up later today if no one gets it.



    I don't think I have much longer in Dawn of War 2 Chaos Marine, so after I finish that I'm moving on to Space Marine!

    Gotta work tomorrow though :(

      Do'h, wrong place, thought I was in What Are You Playing This Weekend?

        Too bad! We're talking about Space Marine right here!

    Another World - PC


      And here I thought I was so clever, but many people beat me to it :(

      First thing I thought too, even before I read that it was box-art this time.

      Another World What a game.

        so glad my dad got me into gaming from a young age, or i wouldn't recognize games like another world and zool for how awesome they really were lol

    Another World

    I am going to have to make these harder. The game is Eric Chahi's Another World.

      I think you are slowly starting to understand why Mark was so bitter about this. . .

      Try going for an obscure Japanese only game box art next time.

      Don't be like that Tracey, you've been doing well. It's just difficult to get anything past the Kotaku Community, just ask Mark or the 'Goose.

        Yesterday's Remember This was actually suggested to me by Goose and you guys got it in 8 mins, haha! I'm resorting to ultra-zoom ultra-obscure screenshots from now on!!!

          How about calling it Remember This Pixel :)

          Or get some funky inverting/color changing happening on the images...

    Dammit! It's definitely Another World... but I looked at it 25 minutes too late!

    Dang, I knew this instantly too :D
    Congrats to the winner!

    Bring on the black corners of loading screens!


    Overblown, overzoomed, blurry, inverted colour pictures of a 9pixel screenshot may get people stumped.

    Shadow Of The Colossus was my first though!!

    I finally got one! And I didn't know it was box-art till after the jump.

      Same here yay! My first one :)

      Brains must be p good to remember such a vague image.

    DAMN IT, I finally knew one and it's already been answered twice..

    That boxart is the BG of my phone! Love it. Many games seem to have lost a sense of wonder. Could just be that I'm getting older!

    Why not cover bits like a puzzle and remove a piece every day!?

    Damn it, I saw it and instantly knew it, but was too late, hell, this is my wallpaper at the moment :/

    I love it with this stuff that you can pick a game I've never heard of (having played NES since 1988 and PC since the original Sim City and Civ) and people will know it on sight, have it as their wallpaper etc.

    looking at some of the past 'remember this's' and god they look so easy compared to the ones we are getting now.

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