Saints Row: The Third 'To Release When We Said It Would' On PC


    Thank god. I don't think I could go much longer without wacking someone with a oversized dildo. My dreams are complete.

      You don't have to wait; you can do that to me right now if you want.

    They have learned to plan there crappy DRM back in the planning for the PC version. It takes time to fine a way to piss of your paying customers.

      THQ have crappy DRM?

        nope, they're just using steam.
        SOME people would hate on steam, but to me that's like hating on a friendly house-cat because you had a run-in with a lion.

          I like that! However you forgot to mention that it's a friendly house-cat that speaks fluent english to aid in being your best friend and cooks you steak every morning and doesn't judge you for how much you drink.

    aaaaaaaaaagh...fuckin DNF shit!

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