Some Of Team Fortress 2's Coolest Weapons Have Been Made By You

Well, not you specifically, "you" as in "people who don't work for Valve".

Ever since Team Fortress 2's recent Manniversary update, players have been able to show off fan-made weapons and items in The Workshop, a central spot where other players can vote on them. The best ones then get taken by Valve and turned into actual in-game items.

PC Gamer has dug through and found some of the better items uploaded so far, my favourite being the amazing "Mobile Engineer Pack" above. Other awesome examples include an umbrella for the Spy that turns him into Mary Poppins, and a very dashing moustache for the Heavy.

You can see more awesome fan-made contributions in the gallery above.

Team Fortress 2: the best of the Steam Workshop [PC Gamer]

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    Quite like the Amelia Airheart Pyro.

    Wait, this is actually a shooting game? From all the ads I keep seeing on Steam about hats I thought it was a fashion game.

      Best hat simulator on the market.

    And all can be found directly from polycount

    That Pyro jet-engine weapon looks awesome.

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